Review on Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill

Here’s my review on Darcy Burdock by Laura Dockrill.

Sorry for the rubbish picture, but since it isn't published yet,
 so this was the only photo I could find..

Publisher: Corgi Paperback
Published: March 2013
Pages: 282
Book: For review
Format: Unpublished, paperback
Contains: Suitable for younger readers

My name is Darcy.
I see the extraordinary in
 the everyday and the wonder 
in the world around me.
This is my first book.
One day, this will be read 
by people like you.

Make way for a new,
cool, all-conquering girl
character for tweens!

And fall for Laura Dockrill - the
bravest, freshest, funniest new
voice in childrens' books.

Laura Dockrill is the upcoming author of the decade. Taking part in the London Literary Festival, Big Chill, E4 Udderbelly, Latitude, Kosmopolis in Barcelona, Domino festival in Brussels, named one of the top ten literary talents by The Times and one of the top twenty hot faces to watch by ELLE magazine, performed her work on Woman’s Hour, The Huw Stephens show, The Jo Whiley show, The Verb, Newsnight, BBC Breakfast and each of the BBC’s respective radio channels 1-6.
Having recently joined the advisory panel at The Ministry Of Stories, Laura is currently writing a sitcom, creating a series of bespoke artwork pieces and writing a piece of work for a new BBC radio show.

This book was really rather quite good. It's nice to read a book by an author that has done so much with her life, and yet so young. Honestly, she is quite inspiring(:

I'm going to rate this book a 9/10, which as you all know is very, VERY high for me. I'm going to recommend it for ages 8+, and beg everyone to buy it when it actually comes out in print.

Definitely, DEFINITELY beg your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, for this book in advance - as it's sure to fly off the shelves when it comes out in March!

A light, quirky book, that you're sure to read again and again!