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A little while back whilst watching one of my favourite YT channellers, Noelle Lamb from Little Tea Fox, I began to wonder what life is like as a Youtuber. As she recently reached 17,000 subscribers, I thought it would be a great idea to reach out and directly ask if I could interview her. Then, after being sure that I'd blown it by being so candid, she finally replied with her answers - it was pretty darn awesome that she'd taken the time out to respond! She was really nice and I'm extremely happy that I could interview such an influential, inspiring person, and so here I am to share her words of wisdom with y'all C:


What equipment did you originally use to film?
-originally I filmed on an HD webcam on my old PC - the logitech C920 I think! that’s all I really had, but it worked since I was just starting out. (:

What equipment do you use now? 
-now I use the canon rebel T3i, and I will hopefully be upgrading to the T5i in a few weeks! for lighting, I use natural light with my ring light as well. editing software, I use final cut pro X on my macbook, it’s amazing! before that I had iMovie, which is a great free option.

Where do you generate your ideas?
-that’s hard to say! I usually get ideas from my viewer’s requests or anything I can come up with that relate to the seasons or topics relevant to my life currently or things that I like in general!

What were you like at school? Did you ever see yourself making Youtube videos?
-I was pretty quiet and shy during my school years (quite the opposite now, hehe!) but I did have my really close group of friends. I spent a lot of time in the art room with some friends painting, drawing and just creating in general! it was awesome. I NEVER thought I would actually want to do youtube, although when I was a senior in high school, I thought it would be pretty cool, I just never thought I would go for it.

What's your favourite video of yours?
-right now, my GRWM+OOTD fall pumpkin patch video. it was my first OOTD and I REALLY experimented a lot with editing for that video - plus it was kind of like three different videos in one - a GRWM, an OOTD, and a mini vlog at the end. it was just a lot of fun and it was actually a collaboration with a really cool gal on youtube, her username is Bernle - she has awesome fashion videos and it just made the video that much more fun to work on since I got to collaborate with her! i’m also super proud with my american horror story moira o’hara video - I definitely got creepy with it and did some cool stuff with editing. basically it was just lots of fun!

Who's your favourite Youtuber?
-I might have to say Lindy from bubzbeauty because she was the first you tuber I discovered 6+ years ago and she’s just a genuine sweetheart. I also SUPER admire Claire Marshall. She’s so chic, professional, fantastic with makeup and really down to earth. She offers great advice and has a ton of variety on her channel. I have a lot of favorite you tubers, but those gals are definitely up there.

When do you think you'll stop making videos?
-when I get bored of it, which is very unlikely to happen any time soon, or when youtube is through… again, very unlikely to happen in the near future!

How did you initially promote your channel? How do you promote it now?
-I promote the same way I used to - instagram! whenever I upload a new video I usually post something on my instagram, and that meant that i reached 1,000 subscribers in about 5 - 6 months (: there are so many more effective ways to promote which I should probably do, promoting is definitely not my strong suite! haha.

How do you sustain and expand your audience?
-I like to upload pretty regularly / consistently, but in addition to that I love to respond and connect with my viewers. I always try to reply to as many of my comments as I possibly can, and I think people respond well to that. I have to say that’s my favorite part of youtube, and it’s something I feel helps sustain a strong audience. (:

Why did you start Youtube? What drives you to continue making videos?
-I started youtube to keep myself busy when my boyfriend moved to NY for his new job. now that I’ve moved out with him, I still have so much fun with my channel that I continue to upload and talk to my subscribers, and that’s what keeps me uploading. it’s just loads of fun. (:

Do you get nervous in front of the camera?
-nah, not really!

What was your first ever Youtube video?
-I think it was a video detailing my first big giveaway on instagram! then I tried doing a tutorial on my “everyday makeup” at the time, which was an insanely heavy smokey eye! haha.

How has Youtube affected your life?
-it has helped me a lot with confidence, inside and out. I also get to talk to so many amazing people on a daily basis, which is just so awesome and I’m always learning new things from so many unique people all over the world while I get to teach what I know too. it’s pretty cool!

What's the best comment that you've ever received about one of your videos?
-every comment I get from my subscribers is great (:

Would you like to get paid enough from making videos so that doing so becomes your career? 
-if it happens, awesome! if not, that’s cool too - I’ll still be happily uploading videos. ideal career would be owning and running my own business - or youtube! - or anything dealing with illustration and art in general. I would also like to travel around asia and do translating since I’m trying to teach myself Chinese Mandarin and Japanese… I have a lot of interests!

How long on average does it take to make a video?
-filming usually takes me a couple hours, and editing can take anywhere from two to even eight hours depending on the video, so video making for me is definitely a lengthy process!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
-hopefully financially stable in my ideal career choices, continuing my happy life with my boyfriend sean (or fiancĂ© or husband IDK MAN FIVE YEARS IS A LONG TIME!) in our little house with a shiba inu! (: hehe. I’m just enjoying the ride right now.

How do you balance your YT channel with your blog, social media, and general social life? 
-Unfortunately… I don’t!! my channel takes up bucket loads of my time - I probably put in as many hours if not more than a typical full time job. but that’s okay - I enjoy it and it has sort of become a kind of job for me so it kind of works out! social media is really easy to balance with a channel though, but I definitely need to sort something out to give my blog a little more love. as far as general everyday social life, I give myself a day or two a week off and try not to work over 8 - 10 hours in a day so I can have my evenings to hang out with friends or kick back with my boyfriend. (: 

Do you work by script or improvisation?
-mostly improv, if I am reviewing a product I usually take notes on things I want to say so I don’t forget anything important. (:

How long does it take to set up your equipment before filming?
-no time at all! I never take my equipment down since it’s all in my filming room, so luckily I waste no time with setting up. (:

Could you share any advice/ tips for those who are looking at starting a Youtube channel?
-always be yourself and remember to have fun. you will enjoy youtube so much more if you go into it as a hobby and people will see that and really receive that well. (: don’t worry about the numbers. enjoy the ride and always strive to have fun and improve your craft!


This interview was pretty fun for both of us, and I think that it's always great to know a little more about who the people who inspire us actually are. I love little interviews like this, and so this was a great post for me. Let me know what you guys think, and, as always..

Have a good day!~


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