And finally...

My blog is back to normal. I have decided that there will be a maximum of two reviews per month, as I have been a bit obsessed with them over the past three of four months, and you all know.

Luckily, now however, my blog will return to the amazingly fantabulous blog that it was, with competitions and stories and photos and fashion designs.... ahh the New Year is going to be great (:

So please, to all my blog followers who have been supporting me all this way, please continue to do so as I turn my blog around ready for 2014. 

And YAYYYY to my new blog design and header (: Opinions? Maybe a final blog name will be created in my blogging moment of clarity, as well, but then again maybe Blue Scarf Girl is actually okay?

You can sign up to my newsletter via the link on my sidebar, but hopefully in the New Year I will have amazingly regular posts, and you can all leave comments and roses at my feet.

Anywho, I'm off to sunny Tenerife tomorrow, so adios for now, mi lush amigos.

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