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A massive thank you to Kym and Kristina of Crush Cosmetics for sending me a pair of eyeshadows, because they really are great!

Beauty With An Edge

Purchase $75 and get a High Quality 6 pc Professional makeup brush set in a Professional black Pouch

Photo and makeup artistry by Stephanie Deline
When you spend $25 before shipping you get a free lip tint.

High Definition Mascara and mineral Pressed Blush are Here!

The first eyeshadow is called Crush CRUSH and is a dusty blue sort of colour. It applies easily, with small holes at the top so the shadow can be easily shaken out. I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with this method at first, trying to shake it straight onto my eyelids, which resulted in eyeshadow smudging from my forehead to my nose. After a few attempts, I realised that I could just shake it onto the lid and apply it from there. I found this way to work well, although I may or not be correct in the method.

Glitter in a Dozen colours and Foiling Medium, new Bronzers and several new shadows are Here,YAY!!!

NEW Mineral Foundation and 16 New Mineral Eye Shadow Colours check it out for directions on getting the fabulous* Kitten Look*

The second eyeshadow was a tinted golden colour, labelled Crush DUNE. I have to admit that after trying the first eyeshadow out, I had great expectations for DUNE. My expectations were of course correct, and the eyeshadow was perfect. They both have long lasting abilities, and are completely natural mineral eyeshadows. I mixed both eyeshadows together on some paper and it gave off a rustic affect which actually worked quite well. They were reasonably easy to take off at night, although I must admit that a bit of effort was needed. 

Many of Crush products are Vegan friendly. we strive to keep it simple and healthy, we stand by our product, we use our products- we love our products.
Actual colors may vary due to individual computer screen interpretation.

All product text, information, photographs, owned by CRUSHCosmetics. Please do not copy unless given expressed permission. CRUSHCOSMETICS© All Rights Reserved

WE are not RESPONSIBLE for packages lost in the mail, and are no longer replacing lost packages.

Both eyeshadows arrived in perfect condition, and all contact with Crush Cosmetics was simple and hassle free. The colours are unique, and are now with a very happy eyehadow owner :)

Check out the Crush Cosmetics Etsy at for more information.

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