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Thank you to Green Turtle TShirts for sending me one of their products to review, because although I misplaced it, it was a lovely shirt whilst I owned it!

Basically we are a small but "developing" business.
We are 2 couples (married with kids :) - who happen to LOVE t shirts (I'm a fashion designer and my husband and other 2 partners are graphic designers)
We try to come up with funny tees that are not always available in high street shops.

Copyright to Green Turtle TShirts.

The shirt was made from 100% premium combed cotton, which I have been informed is reasonably difficult to get hold of. This means that the shirt was incredibly soft, and doesn't stretch.

The design is really clever, with references to Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings (as of which I am currently in a break of watching!) and Star Wars. Considering I am a massive geek, this meant that the shirt was perfect for me. 

Welcome to our Etsy shop! 
Green Turtle is the place to find the latest trends in t shirts: Funny, Sarcastic, Sci-Fi, Hip hop culture, & Music related tee's. Our range of T shirts are designed and printed by hand by our experienced professional team. We use only high quality materials, for a great look and comfortable fit . 
♥ We love what we do ♥ We love T shirts! ♥ 

The shirt arrived sooner than I expected, and in perfect condition. It was carefully packaged, so even in the unlikliness of damage occuring, it was made almost certain that none would occur. Customer service was brilliant, with communication kept as minimal as possible. Information and details were shift and thorough.

Green Turtle TShirts has many lovely designs on their Etsy, with the majority linking to the sort of geeky references which are perfect for people like me.

We opened our Etsy shop a year ago and we really love the whole community feeling, and day to day "personal" contact with our costumers.
We see T shirts as a visual way of communication - and we love giving people the opportunity to express themselves by wearing one of our tees. 

Visit the Green Turtle Etsy page at; for more information.

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