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Thank you to everyone at Cool TV Props for sending me one of their Legendary tees - It is actually pretty gorgeous.

"These are awesome. My only suggestion would be to include in the product description that these are, in fact, scented and what that scent is. I didn't know if they were but decided to take my chances. Thankfully it's a scent that I don't mind, but this is useful info that should be shared with customers before they buy. Thanks."

I am a massive fan of the How I Met Your Mother television series, so this tee is perfect for me. Barney Stinson catchline is 'It's going to be legen... wait for it... dary,', and he constantly refers to it throughout the show.

"Got a couple for my guy friends to put in their car as they are HUGE Breaking Bad fans. They thought it was really cool. It's great quality and it looks exactly like the one from the show. However, the scent is really strong."

The tee is made with cotton which therefore is incredibly soft. It is of good quality and doesn't stretch, and is printed with environmentally friendly ink. It is handmade and is shipped worldwide from the United States.

"The item was shipped and delivered in a timely manner. However, the pictures and price led me to believe that the mug would have been of a higher quality. I expected the glass to be thicker and more durable, but it was thin and light. "Respect the Chemistry" looked like it had some light flaking, but was not really that noticeable. For the price I paid (over $30 including shipping) I just expected a higher quality product. The good news is that my friend loved it, as she is a huge Breaking Bad fan, and she found it a wonderful birthday gift."

All communication was quick and simple, yet detailed enough for me to write this review. I received it faster than I expected, with no damage at all due to the care taken in the Cool TV Props' packaging process. The Cool TV Props etsy is full with wonderful designs, with handmade products such as air freshenners, shirts and posters, all being equally wonderful.

Visit the Cool TV Props Etsy page at for more information.

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