How I Met Your Mother Poster

Thank you so much to John Elefante of Sixteen:9 for sending me a lush How I Met Your Mother poster for review!

"Absolutely gorgeous and very meaningful to me. I will come back for this type of product ALWAYS and recommend to others. FANTASTIC!!!"

This How I Met Your Mother poster is an original illustration professionally printed on 16" X 13" archival acid free paper. It is also printed with archival inks, which means that both the paper and the ink are of the highest quality.

The print is very creative, capturing the very energy of the television series. It is minimalistic and simple, yet looks great. 

"Great poster printed professionally on high quality paper for a very smooth silky finish. Love the campy 3D and can't wait to get it framed. Arrived safely packed without any damage from overseas transit."

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the How I Met Your Mother series, so receiving this poster really was a great surprise. It hangs great from my wall, and easily attatches itself to blue tack and double sided tape. It looks great on any wall colour and design, automatically becoming the main piece in any room. It would also attatch to glass, plastic, wood, and many other materials well - even paint and plaster.

"I'm buying all my posters from here. Amazing quality, very cool prints and AA+ marvellous service. Buy everything before I get rich enough to do so."

The print is brilliant, yet I couldn't help notice that one of the five main characters, Barney, is not there, which was quite sad. However, I am assuming that this is an early shot of the series, as the mother hasn't been introduced yet either.

It gives off a shiny, glossy appearance, and looks great when any form of light is shining upon it - I would, however, try to keep it from direct sunlight as that would fade and damage the print. Mine is just in view of my lampshade, which means that due to the glossy paper it gives off a slight reflection, which actually looks great.

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The print arrived safely and was carefully packed. The average review for Sixteen:9 is five stars, which just goes to show not just how great the prints that the business does are, but how great the customer service is also.

Again, thank you to John Elefante (who's second name means 'elephant' in Spanish which is my favourite animal) for sending me such a gorgeous print!

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