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Hey guys, another monthly review for you, but this time on a small town Etsy shop called Flo Atelier. They sent me this gorgeous lace jacket which is worth over £60 - the most expensive product I have ever been sent. I am so, so grateful, completely taken aback, and am honoured that they wanted me to review such a gorgeous jacket.

"Flo Atelier is found in 1994 by Milena Dimitrova (MD) to create an individual clothing. Flo Atelier specialized in the handmade manufacturing and have a lot of experience in the handmade items and selection of materials. With special attention to the construction and detail we follow the newest tendentious and the newest technologies in the textile industry. For the needs of our customers we manufacture a varied of clothing – daily, party, biznes, formal and scenic. We also work for show programs, advertisements and films. We develop collections for buyers and teach people, who think that the manufacturing of clothes is easy, how responsible and consistent process is this."

The fit is perfect, I think I ordered a size four and it was true to its word. It's not too tight a fit, meaning that I have space to bend and stretch my elbows - a quality that a lot of fitted lace jackets don't possess. The colour hasn't faded from all the times that it has been worn, still residing in a pearly white shade. I love the intricate lace in the jacket and am so happy I was sent it - it is such a practical, feminine design and it can be incorporated into any outfit.

"It must be done with enthusiasm and confidence .We don’t spare resources and strength, because we believe that the effort is a long term investment. This is our philosophy and time proved, that it works.
We select for you the best of the various of models, which we develop and try to offer with its best quality on accessible prices. We are good and big team and we are going to work for you with pleasure! Welcome to FloAtelier!"

Delivery was quick and simple, with no problems at all. The jacket arrived in perfect condition and was wrapped well to keep it that way. If you ever get a problem with shipping when dealing with Flo Atelier, apparently all you'd need to do is contact them and they'll sort it out - but judging by the reviews on their site, this is hardly something to concern yourself over.

I'm wearing this lace jacket with a pair of Turkish lace shorts, a white crop top and some whote converse. As we're slowly drifting into Winter, I'm sad to say that I can't really wear this particular combination, but it works perfectly as a Summer outfit. However, as we are on our way to Winter I think I will pair the lace jacket with some skinny black jeans, long sleeved white top and, again, my white Converse (life savers!). Also, as it can be worn double-sided (back in front and front in back), I would probably switch it up a little and wear it with the zip at the back.

This jacket would suit pretty much every skin colour, hair colour and body shape, and it  could be perfect in a minimalistic outfit combination like the one I am wearing and also when matched with bright colours to add a little spice to your style.


Have a good day, ya'll!

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