Bronze Starburst Ear Cuff

Thank you to Marty Bobroskie and company at Marty Magic for sending me one of their lush ear cuffs, it was probably one of the best products I've ever receieved!

The jewelry and sculpture I design is created by the lost wax casting process. I personally sculpt each original in wax at my Santa Cruz studio. My designs are then cast into gold, sterling silver or bronze. Fantasy, fairy tales and the magic of nature significantly influence my work. I have a passion for what I do. I love the creative process, watching my pieces take form, and I take pleasure in interacting with customers both in person and online.

I began to wear this ear cuff out the second I received it, as it really was so beautiful. However, after a mere few days of me being it's owner, I had taken it off for a few hours when I must have left it somewhere at my school. It was never returned, and so I apologise that this post is written in past tense, because the ear cuff was truly stunning. Luckily, I managed to take three initial photos of the cuff before it was misplaced.

The ear cuff arrived in a simple open/ close purple box with a removable top lid, which had the Marty Magic logo printed in gold on the front. In the inside was a soft cotton-like fabric which the cuff sat on nicely. 

Each February, I attend the Tuscon Gem and Mineral show and hand pick the gem stones that will inspire my work for the upcoming season. Most recently, I've been creating 18K gold dragons and octopuses clutching intoxicating opals. I love to travel and my wax carving tools fit into a small brief case and I can set up a temporary work station wherever I travel. 

Copyright Marty Magic

This ear cuff had been antiqued slightly, so it gave off a gorgeous, rustic look. It was comfortable and easy to wear, and if it was needed for the cuff to be adjusted, all that was needed was to gently open or close it slightly. It was easy to wear with no need at all for any piercings as it simply just curls around the ear.

The cuff came with a booklet full with instructions on how to wear it, how to clean it, etc, and came with images showing how to put it on. It explained how the cuff will last a very long time, yet it will tarnish or patina over time.

The lost wax casting process involves creating a model in wax that is then suspended in a metal flask and investment is poured around it. (Investment is very much like plaster.) The solidified invested flask is then placed in a kiln and the wax model is slowly melted out until only the negative cavity, the exact shape of the original wax model remains. Molten metal is then centrifugally spun into this negative space, or in the case of larger bronze castings, gravity poured into the negative cavity. After the piece has been cast it must be freed from the plaster and finished. Sprus are cut and ground and various polishing media, patinas and oxidations are used to bring the piece to its final polished state. If gemstones are to be set they are mounted just prior to the final finish. 

It had a very intricate design, and each starburst was incredibly detailed. Like all of the Marty Magic products, it was available for purchase at a very reasonable price, and more replicas of this design are available on their Etsy at .

Customer service was brilliant, with quick and thorough communication. It arrived sooner than expected, and due to the care in which had been taken to protect it with a box filled with cotton, it arrived in perfect condition. 

The ear cuff was perfect in every way - it honestly was flawless, and I truly regret that it is no longer with me. 

20012 marks my 34th year in business. Over these many years my business has grown and taken new directions. At this point in my career my jewelry line is quite extensive. I have help with the casting which allows me more freedom to work on designs that I am passionate about. Over the many years I have shown at hundreds of art and craft festivals but now thanks to Etsy, I have a whole new venue and a vast circle of new Friends. Thank you all! 

Go over to the Marty Magic website at to find out more information about the business and their products.

Visit the Marty Magic Etsy shop at to browse the hundreds of their fabulous products.

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