Chow Arts Farhampton Poster

Thank you to Amy (great name!) of Chow Arts for sending me one of her gorgeous Farhampton posters - it looks great.

Digital art has always been my passion and I was excited to discover Etsy as it gave me a chance to show others what I love and what I can do with Photoshop. Most of my work revolve around graphics with a positive message. Some of my work are inspired by the comedy show How I Met Your Mother. It is one of my favourite comedies and there are many quotes from the show that I think are both funny and uplifting; especially to fans of the show. 

I am a massive fan of How I Met Your Mother, so this poster was perfect for me. Farhampton station is where the main character Ted finally meets the mother (who the television series is blatantly about). Ted spends years looking for 'The One', after his two best friends from college fall in love, marry and have a child, and then his 'bro' Barney falls in love with Ted's ex Robyn. It's all very complicated, and literally the first six series are about Ted searching for 'the love of his life', when FINALLY he finds her. Despite the complex story line, it really is a great series, so I was pretty chuffed to receive this poster and show it off.

Sometimes when we are feeling down, a reminder of a few encouraging words can pick us back up again. That is the effect I want people to have when they look at my posters. They are all about inspiring viewers to stay strong and think positively.
I mostly focus on positive messages because of the effect it has on myself; it makes me feel happy as I am designing them and I hope my posters will have a positive impact on others. 
I am still in the process of expanding my shop and I can't wait to show the Etsy community my future works!

The poster arrived quickly and in perfect condition, after being sent in a tube made for posters. Communications were simple, yet full with the appropriate information.

The poster is amazing quality, printed on a reasonably thick card. It has a slight gloss to it, so it reflects beautifully when light is shone on it. I have hung it besides another How I Met Your Mother poster that I have, so it actually looks like I am beginning to create a shrine. It is a great length and width, and attatches easily to the double sided tape that I used to stick it to my wall.

Visit the Chow Arts Etsy page at for more information and to browse.

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