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Thank you to Rob Boyes of Pinegrove Leather for sending me one of his products for review on my blog.

My wife Lou made me a leather case for my harmonicas, as I didn't like any of the ones you could buy. It was rough but widely admired and we had to make more for friends! I developed the design further then started making cases for other instruments too. Later on we got hold of a proper sewing machine for leather and we were off!

I love the process of design and crafting in leather. It's an expensive material, and you can't patch up mistakes, but otherwise it's very rewarding. It lasts forever, looks great, feels great, even smells good. The variety of finishes you can get is amazing, and I can even create my own effects. My style is rustic with some Western and 50s jukebox influences thrown in. I try to avoid using modern style catches and fastenings, preferring the challenge of designing an effective fastening using more traditional techniques.

The case looks gorgeous, and is made with authentic leather. It has been scored on the outside, which adds a bit of character to the case. It is wellmade, with an original logo and faultless stitchings. It has been made by hand, and is perfect for holding my many guitar picks. It has four spaces in the inside of the case for guitar picks, and a pocket to hold more, or things like business cards or spare strings.

The case arrived in perfect condition, and had been carefully wrapped to prevent any possible damage. I received it quickly within the allocated time, after it had been shipped straight after an address had been given. Customer service was brilliant, with all communication quick and swift, yet filled with all the appropriate details and information

Pinegrove is based in the small but beautiful Pennine town of Hebden Bridge. This unique place is set at the meeting point of three steep sided, wooded valleys. Amongst the trees are nestled the stone ruins of woollen mills from the earliest days of industry. Above the treeline is a vast space of heather moorland, with grouse, curlew and deer, and ancient packhorse trails that lead in every direction. Me, I like the views, but I also like the details, like patterns on the rocks made by the lichens and mosses. 
Thanks for reading, I hope you like my pieces. Let me know if you want something in my style that's not listed.

The case is of top quality, with a professional finish. It is perfect, and has a slight shine to it with makes it more aesthetic. It came with leaflets displaying more gorgeous products, and instructions on how to take care of and clean the case. It is brilliant, and will come in great use for when I'm playing my guitar whilst travelling away from home - it makes the perfect travel plectrum case. I have filled it with picks and business cards. It would make a lovely gift for a loved one, or a nifty present for yourself this Christmas.

Visit the Pinegrove Leather Etsy page at for more information.

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