Thank you to Abby Mace of Funky Frills for sending me one of her gorgeous 40ft long strings of bunting.

Funky Frills UK was born in August 2012. It all started because I wanted a simple garland for a birthday party, but just couldn't find what I was looking for. So decided to make it myself. Being the kind of person I am, it just snowballed from there. I was being asked by friends and family to make them something for their parties, house decor and Christmas doo's.

It's just so exciting for me that I can do what I love, which is creating for other people. I
 hope you enjoy looking through my garlands, I'm sure there is something there for you, and if not, why not send me a message and see if I can create the perfect garland for you.

The bunting really brightens up my room, without becoming overpowering and taken attention away from my other bright decorations. They are made from quality card stock, so are strong enough to withold tugging and pulling. They had been handmade using a sewing machine, so once I had wound it around my room, I could then cut the end and use it for decorating something else.

I live in Pulborough, West Sussex, UK. I'm a devoted Wife to Jon & mummy to 3 gorgeous children. I love making my paper garlands for you, so thank you for making it possible for me :)

Many thanks for reading my story and I hope to see you in my shop soon.

As you can see in the image above, the bunting looks great in my room. It was easy to put up, yet reasonably difficult to get the lengths right so it looks evenly proportioned. It balances the decoration and colour in my room, and is now one of the first things noticed when someone walks through my door.

Customer service was great, with all conversations kept to the minimum, yet any informtation needed was easily accessable. I received the bunting quickly and hassle free, and it arrived in perfect condition due to the protective way in which it had been packaged.

"It is so enchanting! Super adorable and perfect to hold up with my fiance in our engagement shoot! The size is just right to hold in between two people, or to place between two chairs at my wedding!! The shop owner even drew a smiley face on my receipt in my mail! Great!"

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