Donellen's Vintage Treasures

Thank you to Dawn Mayo of Donellen's Vintage Treasures for sending me a few things from her Etsy, they're all great.

"I hadn't planned this, I lost my job as a Medical Business Office Manager, and had been outsourced so many times I can't count. It was time to stop looking for the same job again. It was time to take a deep breath and like so many other people before me say, Why Can't I...
Why Can't I do what makes me happy, I learned to knit and crochet as a little girl sitting on my Great Great Aunt Bess's lap she taught me many things before she passed away when I was 8 years old. She is the one who called me Donellen a misspelling of my name but something I cherished forever. A secret between us two. I also created a love of all things with lace and pearls. She showed me how to make do and bring life again to something old. I learned to sew from my mother I made all my school clothes and clothes for my dolls, I had 3 sisters so there was always a larger dress I could make into a skirt. My mother made draperies for a living and would bring home the scraps I was the only girl in school who had skirts made out of toile or a damask print. I made money by making clothes for my friends from the time I was 11. I got my working papers at 15 and have not stopped since. I love to go consignment stores and flea markets searching for treasures something my mom and I loved to do together before she also passed away."

I love the small blue elephant that Dawn sent me to review, especially as I've recently decided that elephants are my favourite animals.

The elephant has a very detailed, intricate design, and I am pretty sure that it has been crafted by hand. The design is gorgeous, with various types of flowers, dots, circles and waves covering the body. It has a vintage, classic design.

I couldn't help but notice that the elephant has holes where the 'trunks' should be, which is quite peculiar. 

I finally decided to listen to my family, my mother in law who kept telling me I should put my talents to the test and my sister in law Deb who critic's my work and pushes me forward to be the best I can be.
I am doing it, I am making my dream come true , my store, my products, I can't wait to get up in the morning, I sleep all night and I dream about what to make next. I don't worry about when my next sale will come I worry about if I'll be able to find the vintage piece I'm looking for. I put my heart and soul in everything I make. I use my imagination to create my pieces, my love of literature, old movies, romance and the happy ending. I hope this is the feeling you will get from my creations."

The business card that came with the elephant was stunning.

It is embellished with a lovely design, and unexpectedly came with four ice flake shaped hair grips. They're very pretty, and go well with both the elephant and the business card itself.

"I love old vintage lace, doilies and porcelain, shabby chic decor, hats and frills anything that makes a house feel like a home. My creative room as I call it is shared with my husband and his computer and four wonderful cats. You will get to know one as Consultant Kitty if you follow my Facebook page she shares my work-space most of the time and loves to help?
I have joined teams, made new friends, learned how to tweet, and started my marketing career, I try to watch Etsy success classes every week ,and am learning as I go.
This will be a Journey that will fulfill my life, I am just beginning and have so much to look forward to, won't you join me."

Dawn Mayo also sent me a small red, white and green woolen bracelet.

I liked this mainly because of the colour choices, and how they are the three colours of the Welsh flag. I'm Welsh, so whether Dawn meant to make that connection between the colours and the origin or not, I'm still drawn to it. The bracelet is embedded with silver which also adds to the appeal.

Again, thank you to Dawn Mayo of Donellen's Vintage Treasures for sending me a few items from her Etsy.

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  1. Thank you Amy-Anne from the bottom of my heart what a wonderful gift to me and tribute to my mother and family which you have conveyed in your blog. I am so happy you like the little elephant it is hand-painted and I believe originally came from Sri Lanka however as I had no papers on this piece it was not advertised as such. He originally had two small ivory tusks in the 1980's which were lost over the years during many moves to different locations. I wish I could say the bracelet was mean't to represent your Welsh flag and I am so glad it does but it would be a falsehood. These are the colors of Christmas for us and it was mean't as a Christmas gift for you, I am so happy it has a double meaning. Again Thank You so much for your wonderful tribute, I do so enjoy reading your blog you are a very talented lady and will go far. Dawn

    1. Thank you so much for the thoughtful feedback.

      That makess sense!

      And it really was a pleasure (: