Marvel Superheroes Skirt

Thank you so much to Angela of Forever Since for sending me one of her gorgeous Marvel skirts for review.

I absolutely love this skirt, as it blatantly portrays my love for comics and fictional characters. The fabric is stunning, including snippets from comics, and characters such as Thor, Spiderman, Wolverine and Hulk Junior.

The pattern on the skirt is bright and eye catching, the sort that would suit any other combination of clothes and make the perfect outfit. I tend to wear it with a black long sleeved cotton top, black wool socks and black creepers, maybe adding a Superman accessory here or there.

"Medical billing clerk by day....crafty chick by night.
Hello! My name is Angela and I am ForeverSince. Not too long ago, in a galaxy far away I was a young girl who liked to play barbies and sew them clothes. Now that I'm all grown up, (or so they say) I still like to sew. Sewing and creating things, to me, is calming (unless my sewing machine has an attitude that day!) To see something come together by my hands that other people love gives me great joy."

The material is soft and comfortable, yet I found that the waistband was slightly too tight for me, so some adjustments were made. The skirt is usually knee length, but after those adjustments it made it slightly shorter. 

This skirt is one of my favourites as its loud design will automatically become the main piece in any outfit. I have worn it to school once or twice, which kicked up quite a few compliments.

The skirt is machine-washable, although I imagine when creased it would become reasonably difficult to iron, yet not impossible.

I started my shop on a whim. I had recently started making things again with the encouragement from friends and family. I figured, hey-if they can, then I can too! When my husband lost his job that gave me the umph to really go ahead with it. Most of my items are pop culture related. This is what I love and it comes out in the items I make. Movies, TV shows, comics, superheroes...... I think if I like it, somebody else will too. While my shop is currently still my nighttime job, it is also my daytime dream. Until that day may come, I hope you love the items I have now and also the ones that will be!

Again, thank you to Angela for sending me such a lush skirt!

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  1. That's sweet! I know someone who would love that, haha :)

    Ok, random question... Why do people send you stuff?

    1. So sorry for the no-reply: it's one of my resolutions to always reply so I've already flunked!

      A lot of people contact me first offering items for review, but every now and then, when I completely fall in love with a product like this, I take the initiative and contact them. Then, the majority of people politely say that they are not interested, and the few that agree say that they can only give me a discount. However, with this particular product I got very lucky and didn't have to pay a cent - not even for the postage!

      Hope that answers your question,

      Amy (:

    2. Oh ok! So you just ask them if they will send it to you for free so you can review it?

      Wow... Completely free! Nice deal!

    3. It is pretty neat, yeah!