My tenth review for the BBC is Million Dollar Mates; Paparazzi Princess by Cathy Hopkins.

Paparazzi Princess is about a girl called Jess who lives in the poshest apartment in town. Or, rather next to the poshest apartment in town, anyway. It's coming up to the Christmas holidays and Jess has got two boys she'd like to spend time with.

JJ- Famous and lives at Porchester Park. Creamy dark skin, rich hazel eyes, sweet soft lips and a heart of gold. But is he already taken?

Tom- King of the school, super cool. Smooth tanned skin, deep blue eyes, daring confidence and a licence to melt your heart. But does he actually like Jess?

And to top it all off, new girl Riko moves into the block. Her intimidating beauty and confidence sets Jess unease as Riko wants to be friends. Though, she isn't really acting like a friend. Should she believe what Riko says, or is not all she says she is?

Can you trust reporters?
Can you trust the homeless?
Can you trust boys?
Can you trust your 'friends'?
There's only one person to ask...


I would rate this book a 7/10 and would recommend it for 9+.


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