Silver Dolphins; High Tide is the ninth book in the Silver Dolphins Series by Summer Waters.

It' a really happy, feel-good book about two eleven year olds, who's jobs are to take care of the sea-life. Not only do their legs meld together to form tails,but they can also talk and play with dophins!!

In High Tide, the Stage Struck tv team, film their show at Sandy Bay! But the thing is, they just won't stop littering!! And with Lauren being reall mean to Antonia, things get difficult.

Will they be able to show everyone the effects of water pollution?
Will Lauren stop being so mean?
Will the rescued seal Tilly survive?
Read the book to find out!!

I would rate this book 7/10. I would recommend it for younger readers as a novel, or older readers as a quick and easy read (like I did). It'll leave you in a happy mood all day!!


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