And the final book in the Small Blue Thing trilogy; Scattering Like Light.

Everything is coming together.
Everything makes sense.
Life is almost perfect.
But then Max comes along.

Max is hopelessly in love with Alex, and Alex is hopelessly in love with Max. But she must stay loyal to Callum. Mustn't she?

Now with three boys after her, Alex's life gets incredibly difficult. And then she develops a stalker. Who is this stalker? what do they want from her? With no help from Catherine, Alex's life spins out of control. She must go back to Callum. But he's hardly going to forgive her...

Then, with almost three-hundred people on her death list, Alex must make a descision. And soon. After all, what's she got to lose?

Only her life.

I would rate this book nine and a half out of ten. Again, I would recommend it for teens and pre-teens.

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