My eighth review for the BBC is Glitter by Kate Maryon.

Glitter is about a girl called Liberty who's been showered in money since the day she was born. Life is perfect for Libby, the only thing it's missing is her Mum, who died before she had a chance to say goodbye. Libby lives in a wonderful boarding school with her best friend Alice, and every night is like a big sleepover... or, that is until her Dad becomes bankrupt.

Libby's older brother Sebastian is allowed to stay at the school, as he's almost finished, and he's perfect at everything. Unlike Libby, who's dad will never love her. He hates everything about her, from the way she acts to the way she loves music. She's always walking on eggshells around him.

Then Libby gets sent to a horrible school, and life is horrendous for her. If it wasn't for Cali, Libby might just curl up and die. Libby's life carries on like that, until the night she runs away. She gets back to find, her dad gone...

Libby stays with Alice and Alice's mum, but she feels so different in comparison to their perfect lives. Libby cannot stand it, and soon she's back to the dump she lived in. And then a secret comes out. A secret so big, it will either tear her apart or fill in the gap in her heart. \a secret so big, it will show the dust swept under the carpet. A secret so big, Libby might finally feel close to her mum again...

I would rate this book 9\10 and would recommend it for 10+. Libby's life is described so vividly, I felt like I was actually there with her. Standing next to her as her life unravelled. Beware though, get a tissue at the ready, you'll be shedding tears everywhere!!

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