The Overflowing Library: British Book Challenge 2012

Yep, I am doing the British Book Challenge 2012!! It's a little late, but I'll catch up!!!(: 

Books I'm hoping to read

Small Blue Thing- S.C Ransom
Ruby Redfort- Lauren childs
Silver Dolphins; High Tide- Summer Waters
Ice Dreams- Jo Cotteril
Million Dollor Mates: Paparazzi Princess- Cathy Hopkins
Marshmellow Skye- Cathy Cassidy
Chocolate S.O.S- Sue Limb
Wood Angel- Erin Bow
Forgotten- Cat Patrick
Ash- Malinda Lo

I am doing this to not only set myself a goal, but to improve my writing skills and book variety.



  1. be careful with your list

    three of the books you have picked to read aren't by british authors (erin bow, Cat patrick, Malinda Lo)

    1. okay, but can I still review them even if they're not british?

  2. you can still review whatever you like but they won't count towards your British Books Challenge total as they are not by British authors for FAQ

    my contact email is kirstylouiseconnor (at) (which was on my contact page btw