Perfectly Reflected is the second book in the Small Blue Thing trilogy.

Three people are out to get Alex.
Someone wants to expose her secret.
Someone wants nothing more than her gone.
Someone wants her dead.
Could they be working together?

When someone throws a golfball through Alex's window, it couldn't possibly be an accident. Attatched to the golfball is a piece of paper, 'Alex, I know your secret.' Things get from bad to worse, and soon Callum is gone. They stole him away from her to make her miserable, and Alex will do anything to get him back. Anything. At the end, when she thinks everything's going to be alright again, the Epilogue tells us she hasn't. Alex... killed him.

I would recommend this book again for teens and pre-teens, and would rate it a definite 9/10. It wasn't as good as Small Blue Thing (my now favourite book), though it had more supnse and secrets. I guess I just couldn't stand not knowing!! Again, it leaves you on an unbearable cliff-hanger...

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