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My sixth review for the BBC is Forgotten by Cat Patrick.

London remembers her best friend getting her heart broken.
London remembers her boyfriend's death.
London remembers her future baby's funeral.
The events just haven't happened yet.

London Lane remembers her future, but her past is blank. She gets by everyday by writing herself notes, about what had happened that day, before she sleeps and forgets everything. The doctors say there is no cure, that her brain is perfectly normal. They don't know the half of it.

Firstly, her best friend's boyfriend is horrible. Why? He's their teacher. But shhhh, no one must know. London remembers her getting her heart broken, and the teacher leaving his family.

She remembers the death of her boyfriend, even though she forgets him every morning.

And she remembers the funeral of her future baby.

She sees it in the future, so she can't change it. Can't she? She's managed before, but this time is different. She's got to save her dead brother...

This was a brilliant book, I was hooked in seconds. It was full of suspense, unless you're like London, you can't possibly guess the ending. I would rate it a 9/10 and would recommend it for teens and pre-teens.


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  1. this cannot count for your british books challenge total as it is not by a british author