*I know, you're probably wondering how I read it so fast. Well, I read Stuff yesterday but I didn't have time to review so I only just reviewed it. I did in fact read The Dead Girls' Dance last night and earlier today.*

My twelfth review for the BBC is the second book in the Morganville Vampires series, The Dead Girls' Dance, by Rachel Caine.

Oh, Shane. Poor, poor Shane. He only went and called his Dad and his scary followers whilst he was in an emergency. They cycled down on their big scary motorbikes to kill all the vampires. After all, a tooth for a tooth. They did kill Shane's mother and sister. And now, they're going to kill Shane because of that phone call. Silly, silly boy. Doesn't he know you're never safe in Morganville? More fool him.

Shane's dad surely doesn't know the risks of vampire slaying, if he has the guts to put his own son's life on the line. Right? Then why would he do it? The obvious is that he wants vengeance on his wife and daughter's lives, but maybe there's a hidden truth? Anyway, Shane's going to die and he's just run away. What a coward.

Claire loves Shane, she really does. But then why is she going on a date with another boy called Ian. And why would such a good looking boy ask Claire to the Dead Girls' Dance? He's hardly a vampire...

All vampires are evil. Or so they say. When someone in the Glass House has a broken connection with a vampire, it can only mean bad news. Then again, the Glass House itself was bad news at first, right? So it could mean good news...

Someone killed him.
Someone knows.
Two people know.
They were in it together.
Now he's dead.
Now they're all going to die.
And it's all his fault.
Yet he's still alive.
How's that fair?

I would rate this book a solid 9/10 and would recommend it for teenagers. This book... was truly... immense.


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  1. this cannot count for your british books challenge total as it is not by a british author