My seventh review for the BBC is A Million Angels by Kate Maryon.

A Million Angels is about a girl who's father goes off to war. Everyone suffers from him not being there, but it's in his bones. Especially now Mum's pregnant.

Jess is making it worse by over-reacting and saying how she bets they're all dead. Jess is only happy because then she might be on TV! What an awful thing to say!!

Jemima's life is falling apart, but at least she knows how to get Dad back. All she has to do is be bad at school, break a few bones and become ill, so the soldiers have no choice but to send him home! Then everyone can be happy! But things spin out of control.
Jemima's being questioned under attempted murder.
She didn't do it!
Did she...?

I would rate this book 9/10 again and would recommend it for 11+. It's quite depressing, but you learn a lot from it! I'm still wiping the tears from my eyes...