The reason I haven't blogged in ages, is because of the book I was reading. Every other book in the Morganville Vampires Series has been immense, but I thought the Book Five, Lord Of Misrule, was bad in comparison.

The reason I thought it was bad was because it just dragged on. Rachel Caine is a brilliant author, and she describes very vividly, but I think she described maybe too vividly in this book. She described in detail every little thing that happened, and I just got bored with it. I didn't really want to carry on reading, but I didn't want to miss any key information. There weren't any parts that made my heart race,. which is what I expect in the Morganville Vampires. My hands didn't shake at all. I just think it was a rather boring book. Nothing really exciting happened, until the last two chapters where something finally did happen, but it left on a cliffhanger. I normally love the suspense in a cliffhanger, but considering that the book had dragged on, I didn't want it to drag onto another book. That's why I'd rate it a 4/10. Again, I'm rating it for teenagers, but this book would actually be okay for 11+ to read. Sorry, Rachel Caine, but not your best effort.


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  1. this cannot count for your british books challenge total as it is not by a british author