Okay, so I know I said I was going to slow down with the reviews, but my new library books were just SO tempting!

My eleventh review for the BBC is Stuff by Jeremy Strong.

I chose this book because the last few books have all been chick flicks, and I wanted to read from a boy's point of view.

This book was actually quite good, and I enjoyed reading it. It's all about the life of a fourteen year-old boy, told from the perspective of a fourteen year-old boy. Stuff's life has three major problems at the moment. They are-

1) Stuff's home has just been invaded by his Dad's new girlfriend. Sherry Trifle is thin and pretty, why would she like his dad? And her daughter is horrendous. Sheesh, Tasha doesn't even laugh at his jokes. She's got scruffy hair and a heart of twigs. Actually, does she even have a heart at all? And to make it all the more worse, Delfine's brother likes Tasha! Like as in like-like. Like.

2) New girl at school is perfect for him, but Stuff's already got a girlfriend. Delfine. He would break up with his stupid, clingy girlfriend, but her brother would break every bone in Stuff's body if he even thought about breaking up. Also, Stuff's best mate has got eyes for Skye (the new girl) too, and Skye might like him back...

3) Sherry Trifle and Tasha have a pet rabbit, who now lives in Stuff's house (well, technically his dad's...). Pankhurst is an evil man-hating rabbit, who should be put down for attempted murder. She hates both Stuff and his dad, and is surely on a mission to abolish all men. Is she really a rabbit? Or is she.. is she... IS SHE A MONSTER?!?!?!

And that's the final straw. Stuff must leave his own beloved home to go to... Well, anywhere really. But that's not the point. Maybe then someone will sit up and take notice. Yeah right, like Stuff's plan was ever going to work...

This book was really good, and it didn't go on for ages. Also, it was full of facts. Did you know how many sausages went down with the Titanic when it sunk? 20,000!

I would recommend it for ages 12+ and rate the book 8/10. I especially loved the illustrations!!


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