*Okay, so i know I said I'd slow down with the reading, but it's too hard! I read two books and said I wouldn't review them, but I couldn't do that either!! So I'm going to review them now...*

My thirteenth review for the BBC is Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine. It's the third book in the Morganville Vampires series.

Claire Danvers has made a mistake. But, like every mistake, it can be fixed. Can't it?

Things gone wrong in Morganivlle:

-Claire has just signed herself, her soul and her service to Amelie, Morganville's Queen. Amelie is so badass, all the other badass vampires back down without a fight. Claire's in deep trouble.

-Michael's a new-born vampire. What's worse, Eve is dating him. Shane now hates him, and even Claire feels edgy around him. After all, he could kill a thousand men in ten minutes. What makes them so sure he won't do that to them?

-Claire's got a new teacher. He's a very old, very clever, very strict vampire teacher. He's teaching her magic, magic that doesn't exist. Well, that's what her average physics class said...

-Claire knows a secret. A very big secret. A secret that could kill all vampires. But now Michael's a vampire, she can't do that. Can she?

-Shane's leaving. He can't stand the sight of Michael, and he's got nothing to hold him back. Besides, he doesn't actually love Claire...

-Monica and Claire are now BFF's. Just become Claire's become super popular human heroin of Morganville. But popularity can't buy friends. Right?

-Someone's got a death list. Many girls have died. And now... and now... Michael's dead. Wait... that isn't Michael?

-The parents are in town. First Claire's, now Amelie's. thing is, someone's parents are out to kill. Then again, who blames them? After all, there's nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

I would rate this book 9/10 and would recommend it for teenagers, as some parts can get a bit messy...


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  1. this cannot count for your british books challenge total as it is not by a british author