Want A Free Blog Button?

Okay, so I'm in a really creative mood at the moment. I've been making loads of different logos and competition buttons on my computer, and I just want to make MORE!!! 

And so, if you just comment below then I will make you a FREE BLOG BUTTON. Oh yes, the amazing photo editing skill of Amy-Anne Williams can be brought to your doorstep with just one simple click of a button!!

I know, I'm just so convincing, right?

Here's some I made earlier...

For the Adventum Blog Award...

For The Diverse Blog Award...

For the W.I.T Blog Award...

Oh, and look, it's me in the eye!! A pretty rubbish one, but I needed something for my blog's twitter (@awkwarddonkeyy) account...

So literally, just comment below and I'll make you one(: Even if you DON'T have a blog I'll make you one for your non-existent blog!!

I know, I'm so totally awesome you want to scream.



  1. Can i have a blog button pwetty pwease? haha:D i nominated you for the Belle Blog award! check out my latest post for details:)xxx

  2. Can I have a blog button please? Anything day dreaming related will do-thanks!!

  3. Can I please have a blog button www.bookblogandstuff.blogspot.com

    Just to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. For details look here http://bookblogandstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/the-liebster-blog-award.html


  4. Great buttons! I haven't got a button but I'm not sure what it is! Soz I'm kind of new to the blogging stuff :)


  5. I'd love a button! I need a new one badly! http://tipgarden.blogspot.com