The Adventures Of Cecily Unibrow

I can just imagine your face now like 'who the rosy old haddock is Cecily Unibrow? Why have I never heard of her?!?!' , right? Well, Cecily Unibrow is a good friend of mine. A VERY, VERY good friend of mine. And she is such a nice person. Generous, funny, kind. And, Cecily Unibrow, is, er..

I am Cecily Unibrow, along with my cousin over at our NEW, JOINT BLOG, Cecily Unibrow. It's not going to be as awesomely superior as this blog, as it's not going to have new posts daily, but it'll be close enough. Want a little taster? Well here's The Art Of Tea Dunking, written by MOI from Cecily Unibrow....

The Art Of Tea Dunking, Part One.Firstly, you want your tea nice and hot. Not too hot, so that you burn off all your insides (nice thought?), but hot enough that it would burn a baby's bottom. Got that?

The Art Of Tea Dunking, Part Two.

Now you need a nice packet of biscuits. If you are a beginner, then I advise you use just plain biscuits. If you're advanced or intermediate, then you may move onto the chocolate biscuit dunk. Beware though, this can get messy.

The Art Of Tea Dunking, Part Three.

Now, carefully, you want your biscuit to make contact with your tea. This is a very dangerous step, and so you may need expert help. Dunk half of your biscuit beneath the tea's surface, and hold your breath.

The Art Of Tea Dunking, Part Four.

Oh, and breath out again. We wouldn't want you to pass out during your great Biscuit Dunk now, would we? *Evil face* Now, the hardest bit - guessing when your biscuit has been in long enough. After roughly two seconds, pull out your biscuit and check what sort of strength your biscuit has. If it's quite a strong biscuit, then it can stay in for longer. If it's a weak sort of biscuit, then it should be ready after approximately a further two seconds.

The Art Of Tea Dunking, Part Five.

Now, the taking-the-biscuit-out-of-the-tea step. Slowly, you want to rise your biscuit up from it's bed of tea. Position yourself next to the tea so your biscuit won't crumble in mid-air-fly, and then, TRAAADAAAA, your moment has come!! Simply plonk your biscuit into your mouth and feel the gooey substance take over your emotions. You can now freely enjoy the experience of soft, sugary biscuits sinking into your taste buds, without having to fish them out from the bottom of your mug.

I know, I am so amazingly good at writing you just want to faint, right?

So follow, comment, recommend on Google, award us, congratulate us, send us presents - do whatever you like. Oh, and if you want to moan at Imogen for making me miss out on today's post, I'll be giving you my best regards(;

Enjoy the whole-new exerience of Cecily Unibrow and her FABOOO blog!!




  1. Sound like a good blog! Checking it out right now......


  2. i don;t really understand it, but i seem to be clicking the link anyway. goodness, it IS a good blog! i am overcome with a passion for this new blog. my cursor is hovering over the "follow" button. DO YOUR DUTY, CURSOR!