Likely Story.... Part One Of Three

I have so many books to review it's really-rather-quite-unbelievable. And the worse thing? I can't even remember what half of them were about!! I did originally plan on spending weeks typing up really-rather-quite-detailed and really-rather-quite-amazing reviews for you all, but looking back on my other reviews, I had no comments on them WHATSOEVER.

You brought it on yourself.

So I've decided to type them all out RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, but with the really-rather-quite-important facts about them.

Sorry if I bore you.

Oh, and if there's no 'Opening Paragraph,' then it's because it's a library book so I don't have it at this precise moment to copy from, so then I will move on to 'Trailer.' If there's no trailer, then I'll do a synopsis. No synopsis? Too long ago to remember, so er... TOUGH(:


Title: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid; Cabin Fever
Author: Jeff Kinney
Liked: That it was a quick and easy read, the funnynessinglintons of the illustrations
Disliked: That the title had hardly anything to do with the actual story
Rate: 7/10
Recommend age: 10+


Title: Marshmellow Skye
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Liked: The cover, it's absolutely LUSH!! Though the backing story was good, but the Ghost Story side of it? Not so much
Disliked: Considering that this is a series for younger readers, I totally disagree with the whole ghost-love-story thing, because it even freaked me out, and I read in the 'Young Adult' category instead of 'Childrens' (just thought you'd be interested (: )
Rate: 7/10
Recommend age: 12+
Opening paragraph: I don't believe in ghosts. I do believe in creaky floorboards and sudden cool draughts and eerie howling sounds when the wind whistles though the eaves*, because when you live in a big, old house like Tanglewood, those things are part of the deal.


Title: How To Keep A Boy As A Pet (proper review will be posted on D.M. Three-Day Worship, (you're totally suspensited, right??))
Author: Diane Messidoro
Liked: The whole story. Although it was a bit obvious as to what the ending would be, it was beautifully written and the storyline was so blatantly lush that it would probably annoy any famous Agony Aunt(: (that made no sense whatsoever, did it?)
Disliked: The front page and title; I think that neither suited the storyline very well
Rate: 9/10
Recommend age: 10+
Opening paragraph: You're going to HATE me, but I cannot type this up. Why? Because my room is a mess and I cannot find this beloved book. forgive me?


Title: Dork Diaries; Skating Sensation
Author: Rachel Renee Russel
Liked: Erm, EVERYTHING!! Not only was this book about Skating *faints*, but it was filled with lush illustrations and had me laughing my heart out at every page
Disliked: Oooh, hard one!! But it would have to be that it could be MASSIVELY improved if it was about Roller Skating instead of Ice Skating... Obviously
Rate: 9/10
Recommend age: 10+
Opening paragraph: OMG!! I've never been so EMBARRASSED in my entire life!!! And this time, it WASN'T at the hands of my snobby, lip-gloss-addicted enemy, MacKenzie Hollister. I still can't figure out why my own sister would humiliate me like this. It all started this afternoon, when I noticed my hair was greasier that a supersized order of fries. I needed either a shower or an emergency oil change. I am so NOT lying.


Title: Cupcakes and Kisses
Author: Cathy Cassidy
Liked: The single point of view of someone we would have otherwise have not seen
Disliked: That they didn't include much of the actual story I don't even think that it was enough to consider a 'taster'
Rate: 6/10
Recommend age: 10+
Opening paragraph: I hates Anya Mikalski from the first moment I saw her.Everything about her made my lip curl... her long blonde hair, her creamy skin, her big blue eyes that looked like they might brim with tears at any moment.


Title: Frankie Foster Freaks Out!
Author: Jean Ure
Liked: That it was a short, easy read
Disliked: The actual price for the book. I don't think that it was worth it, because the writing was huge, and the story was quite dim and boring, and also rather predictable. Also quite spooky for a recommended reading age of 9+
Rate: 7/10
Recommend age: 9+
Opening paragraph: All I can say is, it wasn't my fault! I wasn't the one that let Rags in from the garden with muddy paws. I might have been the one that let him out, but I wasn't the one that let him in.

Title: Ingo
Author: Helen Dunmore
Liked: The storyline. It was absolutely amazing, and I just couldn't stop reading. It made me think about things I'd never even given a second thought to before, and made me re-consider the whole meaning of life
Disliked: It got a bit full-on towards the end
Rate: 9/10
Recommend age: 12+
Opening paragraph: You'll find the mermaid of Zennor inside the Zennor Church, if you know where to look. She's carved from old, hard, dark wood. The church is dark too, so you have to bend down to see her clearly. You can trace the shape of her tail with your finger.


That's it for now, folks. But stay tuned to read about the FABOO...

How To Kill A Mockingbird,
Six Weeks To OMG,
Blood Brothers,
Ghost Town,
Bite Club

Last Breath,
Life According To Alice B. Lovely, 
Diary Of A Nose,
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Dog Days.
The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

Excited, right????


Did the famous Cathy Cassidy produce a SPELLING MISTAKE ON THE FIRST PAGE?!?!?!?!?!?! Pay me in cash please, Puffin Publishers UK(:

P.S. And my spellchecker has magically been fixed. THANK YOU, mystery Fixer-Upper(:


  1. I know REALLY want to read Ingo by Helen Dunmore, sounds really good and the cover is so intriguing! I also thought after all your hard work I just had to comment! I would say reviews are the hardest posts to write so doing 7 in 1 is AMAZING!!

    1. LOL thanks(: I could let you borrow it in Wales in Summer too if you like... if you can just BEAR the agonizing wait<3

  2. Everyone raves about Ingo, but I read it in the Easter holidays and came away feeling distinctly 3/10ish...