Amy's 'WOAH, WE'RE SO TOTALLY LIKE... ALIKE!!!!!' Of The Month...

Inspired by Neevie's 'Neevie <3's', the great 'WOAH, WE'RE SO TOTALLY LIKE... ALIKE!!!' OF THE MONTH was born. Here's my most favouritest-est things of the month, EVER.

1. Bright red hair dye. My sister dyed mine today and now my hair has gone from this...

 I know it's an avatar of someone else, but I couldn't find a hairstyle on Google that fits my before hairstyle AND colour as good as this does.

To this... (!!!!!!!)

Only my skin isn't as pale as that, and my hair isn't as long as that (see above avatar picture), so just use your imagination; I'm sure you have one(;

2. American TV.

Recently I've really got into this. Now my favouritest-est shows are How I Met Your Mother, Rules Of Engagement, Desperate Housewives, Big Bang Theory, Judge Judy, Jeremy Kyle USA, Ugly Betty, Glee, Bridezillas, Don't Tell The Bride and Sweet 16. Oh how I LURVEEEEE this new phase of mine!!!!!!<3

3. Gossip magazines.

I've really got into these too. Maybe it's because I've got too much time on my hands since the holidays started, but I absolutely ADORE the juicy gossip inside these. And the Agony Aunt and Embarrassing Moments pages are just LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!!

4. WALES!!

Wanna know a secret? I might be moving back to Wales!! Hallelujah!! I've been in England for two years now but it's not so fun anymore. And, I want my Welsh accent back!! So, I'm going to Wales on Saturday to see how it turns out. Fingers crossed, eh???

5. Geek glasses!!

I've recently got a pair, and although I don't technically need to wear them, they're now on my face FULL TIME!! I can't remember the proper name for them but hey, they say love is blind(;

6. Skin care products!!

I've set myself a task for the Summer holidays, and that is to create my own Skin Care Range. I'm researching and I'm saving up for the products, and then TRADAA, the FABOO line of Williams (I hate my last name) Cosmetics will be out in the big wide world!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!

7. Photo editing!!

Okay, so in my latest post I asked you if you wanted some buttons, and four of you said yes! So here's the buttons for Shakira, Sophie, Nadia and Nicola!! Welcome!!!!





And mine!!(: Had to be done though, you know?(;

8. Bright colours!!

It's Summer!! And I'm LOVING the bright colours all around me! Aren't you??

9. Rollerskating!!

Not surprised?

10. YOU!!

I am so completely in LOVE with you all right now!! You've given me views, comments, recommendations, awards, followers and, most of all, you've brought me pride!! Pride as the owner of this blog, pride that you love it, pride that you're actually out there READING THIS!!

But then again, what did I expect? I mean, this IS the bestest-est blog in the world.

AREN'T WE ALIKE?!?!?!?!?!?



  1. You drink hot juice??? *my respect for you levels up*

  2. Love this post! I think I'm going to do one as well and I love roller scating! Thank you for my button, it's amazing!

  3. mmm... hot orange! i have to admit, i'd LOVE red hair, but i don't think i'd be able to pull it off!:( thanks for the button! i love it:D<3

  4. Love red hair! My mum said when I turn fourteen I can dye it :) Yay!


  5. wow! I love the blog button. Thnx!

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