Behind The Maths Book Covers...

As promised, here's some drawings from my maths book, and yes, GUILTY, I DO doodle a lot in class!! Also, ignore my bad handwriting, I didn't think I'd be sharing any of my 'artwork' with anyone else. And quite a lot are rushed, because my maths teacher HATES me and I try to get them over and done with before she catches me doodling (why am I telling you this?!) !! And okay, so I did once take out a novel from my bag and started reading, but hey, I'd finished all the questions!!

A poem that I wrote. I was chatting to my friends about Emo poems and this was my 'Emo Poem.' In case you can't read it, it says, 'My poor, shattered heart, crumbled into a million pieces, now lays beneath a coffin, a drain, a path to my once-loved lover, now gone, only to be spoken to with memories, but loved, still loved, forever and always, loved.' It makes no sense but I have no idea as to how an Emo would write poetry, so sorry if it his has offended you in any way, I had no intention of doing so but I thought I'd just say anyway.

The worst donkey drawing ever, but as I said, I didn't think anyone would see these. It's meant to be like a really cheesy poster. In case you can't read my rubbish handwriting, it says, 'Always trust Mr Safe Donkey - he's your FRIEND!!! "Act safe! Stay safe! Be safe!" ' And Mr Safe Donkey is wearing my dream skates!

A TOTALLY fresh page with a skate skating around The World Of Skating (I'm guessing you didn't get all that from the picture alone?)

An eye. I admit, a very failed eye, but an eye all the same.

Look at these LUXURIOUS skates.

Because a skate inside a clock inside a rosette is REALLY maths...

Evil mutant duck, obviously.

A sun(:

My dream skates.

Tara Lipinski (best skater ever) wearing my dream skates.

A really bad rosette.

Meant to be Oprah (famous American talk-show owner. How can you honestly not know her???????) as a teenager, but since I have no idea as to what she looked like when she was younger, I ended up with this drawing. 

A Thing.

A plant pot.

Epically failed music notes (and a pentagon...)

A mouse/chihuahua/rat/rabbit/triangle/squirrel, obviously.

Gothic Math-Eating Pacman. Duhh.

Pie (the maths equation, not the food) spiced up (ignore the pun).

The laser-lines that I would use to guard my amazing £1000000 skates when Tara Lipinski gives me them. Of course.

The Queen on a ten pence piece rolling down my book. She's having a helluva lot of fun(:

No comment.

It's meant to be one of those eye illusions that critics pay thousands of pounds to buy. Any offers?

My maths teacher as a happy smiling snail. The smiling bit is a bit inaccurate.


Just some stars around my book.

IRONICLY is not a word, ironically.

Downilee, the dancing star fish.

RedDonkey, it gives you wiiiiiiiiiings! (like RedBull, but funnier(: )

A very happy looking starfish reporter. Nuhhh.

The back of my book- the Hollywood movie-star starfish. If you MUST know, I write a lot of stories about them. So, uh, copyright to me(: (unless you want to become an Art Thief, which ILLEGAL, and would cost you thousands of pounds. JUST KEEPING YOU UPDATED(: )

'Where is "gullible" on the ceiling? I still don't see it.' I'm not that gullible in real life!! But seriously, how does 'pineapple' sound like 'gullible'?? And it's written even more untidy than the rest of my book, because I wrote it with my eyes closed(: It's featured on the back of my book(:

A music note on the back of my book.


My 'amazing' poem I wrote when I was bored. 'You're not paying attention, you need a detention! Just go and sit down, stop being a clown! We're meant to be doing maths, you psychopath! (no offence, so sorry if it's offended you) Are you mad, you're making me sad! You flipping flopping idiot-- *duck picture* oh look, it's a duck!!' Inspired by my always-extremely-angry maths teacher(:

My cartoon. 
Person #1- Is it a bird?!
Person #2- Is it a plane?!
Person #3- No, it's Mr Super Luck!!
*10000 ton brick falls from the sky, directly to the right of Mr Super Luck*
Mr Super Luck's sidekick Snail- Well THAT was lucky!
Evil Mastermind- I wasn't aiming for you, idiot!!
*10000 ton brick falls directly on top of Snail.*
I also always write stories about Mr Super Luck and his sidekick Snail a lot too, and the cartoons always end like that.

And that is ALL I have in my maths book. In case you can't tell, I want to become an illustrator as well as being the first ever PRS to walk through the gates of Hollywood (though I didn't take these photos whilst skating, but I did take them with my rubbish Nokia camera so it took me aaaaaaages to get each angle right).

What do you think of my drawings? Should I do more posts like this?

A<3 *

*Why do people keep asking me what the '<3' is?? It's a HEART, people!! Just rotate your computer screen and tra-daa!!!


  1. I LOVE all of these! I'm sure your maths teacher doesn't HATE you! I would lovemarking your book just to find out what weird & wonderful thing you would draw next. Oh and you asked Guess What..? I'm going to go roller scates, why? I seriously don't know wht gave me that hunch about it!!They're amazin, your realy creative and great at art, I want to see more too
    By the way theres a new competition at my blog now

    1. What do you mean? What did I do? And thanks! I'll go check out your blog again now(:<3

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, but what? My brain is all frazzled from yesterday's skateboarding accident!!

  3. I LOVE your drawings! Your very talented, I'm sure your maths teacher thinks so too! LOL! ;)


  4. Wow you're such a good drawer! I do SOOO many doodles on my maths book (or rather, my friend Abi's maths book) it's not even real. I filled the whole inside cover with animals: as you draw donkeys and starfish, I draw smiley attack dogs, spotty horses and hybrid giraffe-zebras. But my teacher gets Annoyed when she sees; one time she caught me making up a wordsearch and was Not Amused. But I couldn't help it! The squared paper was begging for it!
    Then another time I was writing out I HATE MATHS in as many different fonts as I could think of. Fortunately she didn't see what I was doing, she just looked across, saw me drawing and said "Now, Emily, we've talked about this. Put it away..."
    And another time she set these ridiculously awful irrelevant questions to do with trains and buckets of apples and the angle of watch hands and drew a really rather good picture called Anguish. It depicted two people, a man and a woman, with screaming mouths and cracked faces, crying tears of blood. That was how I felt.

    1. *I drew a picture called Anguish, that should be. Just realised that that sentence sounds like it was the maths teacher who did it! :L