Comedy Is A Funny Thing...

*This isn't me, it's just a video off YouTube that I thought suited my title... Obviously.

Today in Drama, me and my friend Sophia had to preform our, uh, performance, to the class. Hallelujah. But the only thing? Our performance was worse than a dingo's doo-doo (watching an Australian film at the same time, sorry).

For our open fake-slap, Sophia stood in front of me and... well, here's how it went (and YES, I forgot my lines)...

Me; *Walks up to Sophia* Why did you do that?!?!?!?
Sophia; I didn't do it.
Me; *Skipping* Yes you did!! You gave me a--
Sophia; I didn't do it.
Me; CAKE!!!
Sophia; I didn't do it.
Me; *Runs up to Sophia and does the worst fake slap ever, missing her hands completely, for the slap to only make a 'thrumpthhhhh' sound*
Sophia; I didn't do it.
Me; And it tasted like PIZZA!!!
Sophia; No, I didn't do it.
Me; *Elbows Sophia to `get her to slap 'Me'*
Sophia; I didn't do it.
Me; *Stands there*
Sophia; *Rubs hands together*
Me; *Blows fringe out of eyes*
Sophia; I didn't do it.

And guess what our title was?

I Didn't Do It.

The weird thing?

The audience was laughing all the way through, whilst I whispered, 'er, this isn't meant to be funny,' to Sophia.

*Again, none of them were me, but I'm hoping you can tell how funnily un-funny our performance was. Haha.

Just smile and nod, people. Smile and nod.

So, today's lesson is that Comedy can be funny in the most ANNOYING situations. Well, that's what my original meaning was about, anyhow...

Sorry! Couldn't be helped! FORGIVE ME?!?!?! Oh, and sorry that this post isn't as long as originally planned, but I got distracted by the Despicables... aren't they cute?!



  1. Lol! I would have laughed too! At least you entertained the audience :)


    1. But that's just like saying, 'at least you didn't get eaten by a man-eating dragonfly! Think about how lucky you are!' ... <3

  2. LMAO. That lesson was pretty funny, I mean, we did warn Miss that we weren't ready.
    I didn't know what to say so I just kept repeating the same line over and over again, plus I forgot to hit you! XD

    Oh well, we've got another three years at that place to prove her wrong. ;)