Recipe For Disaster (NOTE; Do Not Try This At Home ((Or In Your Sister's House...)) )

Yes, yes, I will let you use me as an excuse for not doing your homework, because I know how you just CANNOT bear to surf the internet without my blog to guide you through the day. But I have a perfectly good reason as to why I didn't post yesterday...

It was my nephew's eighth birthday (we went to TGI Fridays, mmmmmm...).

And besides, you should be nice to me, because today was another one of those days where I almost died.

Sympathy Chocolates please!


*chokes silently on Sympathy Chocolates, before forcing them down and ordering servant to bring another batch of freshly made choccies*

--you know how I'm just too glabberghastingly good at rollerskating for my own good (YESSSS??)? Well, at my sister's house today, I thought I'd try out my nephew (Michael) 's Skateboard. Afterall, how different are rollerskates and skateboards?

Well, it turns out VERY DIFFERENT. Because after placing one toe on the skateboard, I went flying backwards, and smashed my head against the floor. I woke up (you never know, I either knocked myself out, or... blinked.) with my mother kneeling over me, and my two nieces looking up from their sofa. Then Frankie (my youngest niece, aged four), puffed out her cheeks and said, 'well I hold on to things when I skate.'

I am A-OKAY now, even though I strongly advise that I'm taken to A&E for a brain scan (no one volunteered to take me...) ...

Well then. I was ACTUALLY going to use this post for a cake recipe (I have six now that I need to post), but I kind of got carried away with the amazing-ness of my own life. Oops. So then tomorrow I will show you a vast collection of my drawings, and THEN I will do the recipe. Okay?

So to finish off this magnificino post, I will do a quick (VERY quick) questionare...

Who do you like better from the Twilight series? Jacob (Taylor Launtner) or Edward (Robert Pattinson)? Who would you choose if YOU were Bella??? I'd probably choose Jacob but hey, I'm not that fussed(:

Oh, and then I'm going to update you on Little Green Seed, then give you a rant about how pointless the Olympics are.

Excited yet??



  1. Jacob.Obviously! Poor you! I have done skaeboarding before and let me tell you ITS NOT EASY :) It took me aaaages to be able to at least stay on the bpard with out falling!!


  2. I had that debate with myself for over a year. Vampires are so captivating but... oh the abs! Team Jacob!!!
    Marian ;P x

  3. As a character, definitely Jacob. But as an actor...well, if we could marry Taylor Lautner's eight pack with Robert Pattinson's beautiful face, then that would make me Very Happy Indeed :D :D