Well, to add some fun to my blog, I have just added a virtual fishtank (look to your right of this screen).

At the moment I have two fish in that fishtank; the white fish is female and is called Ghost whilst the black fish is male and is called Shadow.

And so, to add some fun, I want to get YOU involved. I have a feeling some new fish are going to join the tank, and this is where the competition comes in.

I need NAMES for the fish. It's simple really, just comment with your favourite fish name for a certain colour, and my favourite name for each colour shall be christened.

You can enter more than once, and any colours without any names shall not be placed in the tank.

The colours to name are-


And you can decide whether to get males or females.

So those fish will practically be yours, so come back and visit them!!

Also, those fish shall be put into a short story, where YOU will be featured!

So get thinking!!



  1. Red- Sunrise
    Gender: Male

  2. Yellow fish is called Saffron. Orange fish is Amber, Red is Scarlett, Blue is Indigo and Green is Olive.

    They're all shades of the colour they are ...if that makes sense :)

  3. Yellow is Banana
    Orange is Orange
    Red is Apple
    Blue is Blueberry
    Green is Kiwi

    They're all fruits!!!


    1. First up, I love your name!! Music DONKEY!! LOL! And secondly, you WON!! But it won't let me view your blog, so what one should I put up?xx

  4. green... ivy... female :) this is such a cool idea! thanks for entering my contest too btw :) xx