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My thirty-first review is My Sister The Vampire; Take Two by Sienna Mercer.

To start off with, theres three things I disliked about the cover;

1. The characters are completely different. They have different features, different body shapes and different hairstyles

2. The border is lighter than the inside whilst the rest have it the other way around

3. It has a green bat and spiderwebs in the background, unike the other books

^It was done by a different illustrator, and that, for some reason, made me feel uncomfortable.^

Ivy thought of Jackson's peachy complexion -- if he was human and had put on that fake tan, he'd look orange. But, he looked completely normal. Completely human. Which meant that without fake tan he must look really, really pale. Could Jackson be...
"A vampire," Ivy whispered...

Hollywood has come to Franklin Grove! And it's brought the world's most famous teen stars! Olivia falls in love at first sight with the main actor, Jackson, but Ivy smells something fishy. Somehow, they land their dream jobs, actresses! Well, Olivia's dream job, anyway. Can things be too good to be true?

Jackson is utterly drop-dead. With movie star looks and movie star personalities, will he be the movie star actor? Or is he actually human? Ivy doesn't think so...

Charlotte Brown is up to something. And not a good something. How can she dare speak to the director like that, unless.. they're related?

Olivia and Ivy's dad has just come to terms with them being twins. Sure, he's still a bit dodgy around Olivia, but does that really matter when they're family? And why so edgy? After all, blood's thicker than water... and it's certainly tastier!

I would rate this an 8/10, as I really am a bit too old for these books, but they're nice as a quick read. I would recommend in for over 10's, and for teenagers as a quick entertainment read.

A killer story to sink your teeth into!

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