Book Blues

As today's subject, I've decided to write down seven of my Book Blues. There's not much I dislike about books, but these really get me down.

1- When the book's full of spelling mistakes. IE; 'Thee gils st dawn on thee mt becuse they thort they where coll enuff too.'

2- When a simple chapter takes HOURS to read. IE; A book about a teenage vampire. In the first chapter she's in highschool, then leaves and goes to work, then gets married, then has children, then gets promoted queen of Transylvania.

3- When the book doesn't tell you anything. Yeah, okay, I like suspense, but I don't like it when it doesn't even tell you the simplest facts. IE; 'I know how to stop my parents' divorce! Finally, I know! I just need to borrow some money from Nan and... well, more about that subject later.'

4- When the characters in books have accents, and the authors use that accent as their style. IE; 'Eyy, Lassie. I dun know whet yur on aboot.'

5- When an adult book is written through the point of a child, or a child's book is written through the point of an adult. IE; 'And then, the big scary dragon ate Mummy, and pulled Day apart. Then, he dawned on me and put a big scary looking tooth through my heart. I died, and was very, very scared. I wish my magic unicorn was here to save me.'

6- When the author goes off topic. IE; A book about zombies taking over the world, when the zombie takes a toilet break, cleans himself up and sets out to a fashion show. Then, in fifteen minutes he was back and killed the Werewolf queen.

7- Well, this is really the fault of film directors, but I think I ought to mention it anyway. It's when you read a book, then watch the book's film version and the characters are nothing alike. IE; A book about a princess that rules over Kingdom Pretty. She wears long velvet dresses, lovely satin bows in her hair, and a delicate wreath of flowers around her head. Her hair is white-blonde. Then when you watch the film, she wears denim jeans with a black skull t-shirt, a dead snake tied around her head and has black scruffy hair.

So what are your Book Blues? Do you agree with mine? Come and comment!!


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  1. 1- Agreed. I hate spelling mistakes but usually they are corrected before the book is published - unless it's web-published on Wattpad, deviantART or Wordpress alike.

    2- I know what you mean. Not needed.

    3- This made me LMAO!

    4- I don't mind characters having accents, I believe it brings culture to the book but it isn't spelt like it sounds. For example, some one from Cornwall may say, "It was foggy on that day, mind." <-- this is perfectly acceptable. As might someone from Northern Ireland say something like, "Aye, the home was quite an eerie place, I'd suppose."

    5- It depends how it's written. For example, 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas' most certainly isn't a children's book yet it is told through the POV of a eight/nine year old boy.

    6- This isn't a common occurrence, but yes, very annoying.

    7- Agreed. :nod: