My thirty-sixth review is Twin Spins by Sienna Mercer.
This book might as well be called The Book Of Secrets. Here’s my reasons why;
1.       Olivia’s missing Jackson so much, but she can’t let anyone know how heartbroken she is, right?
2.       Ivy’s moving to a Vampire School in Transalvania, but she can’t let Olivia know, shee’d be just so devastated.
3.       Jackson’s got a party surprise for Olivia, but she can’t know what he’s been up to.
4.       Olivia has a secret fear of the new School Party Planners. They can’t notice her weakness, or surely she’d be turned into Bunny-mush.
5.       A Transalvanian wedding you say? The girls can’t let the reporters know about this one!
6.       The Bunnies are getting w-a-a-y to close to Ivy’s vampire secret for her to be content with. Will they find out?
7.       Charlotte’s suddenly just so happy to take modelling photos of the girls, but what is she up to? Geez, even I don’t know!
I would rate it a 7/10 and would recommend it for ages 8+.
Again, the front page design has changed so I feel less connected to the characters. Not the best move.

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