Hello again, dear readers.

Here I am going to give out a few 'THANKYOU''s, as you all deserve them(:

THANKYOU #1. To PixiePot at for designing me this FABOOO button-

Which is absolutely IMMENSE, may I say.
You shall be happily added to my sidebar(:

THANKYOU #2. To you, dear readers. For putting up with my endless blog entries day after day, and even following. Actually, I'll like you even more if you DO follow... *WINK WINK*
For making my blog worth writing.

THANKYOU #3. To all those amazing authors out there, who have inspired me to become who I am today. ESPECIALLY the ones that follow me on Twitter, you shall forever be my favourites.(:
For not only visiting and (hopefully) liking my blog, but for also writing those books you write (so descriptive), that warms my heart as lullabies fill my head with glorious new words.

THANKYOU #4. To everyone else who has helped out with the modelling of my blog. Either by commenting or following or tweeting (@amyannewilliams am I) or just overall viewing my blog.
For giving me hope that my blog will succeed.

So THANKYOU. very much for becoming a part of my blog.

I salute you.



  1. Thank you for the credit and for adding me to your sidebar.

    I'm pleased you like the button. :)

    These are some wonderful thank you's.

    1. You think I LIKE the button?! Well, you're WRONG, because I FLIPPING DANG LLOOVVEE IT!!!!