The Versatile Blogger Award!!

Haven't reviewed yet (see last post), but I just realised two things...

1. I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

And 2. I've been nominated by TWO people...

2* I don't know how to make this work, but I will!!

So happy!!

I have been nominated by the faboo Shakira from - her blog is IMMENSE!!

And Ella from - her blog is AMMENSIBLE!!


  • If you get awarded, add "The Versatile Blogger Award" button to your blogs side-bar
  • Write down seven random facts about you
  • Award 15 other bloggers and let them know!

  • But  don't know how to add the button... someone help me out?

    My seven random facts-

    1. I want to be an author (obviously!)!!
    2. I'm Welsh!!
    3. I LOVE cheese!!
    4. I LOVE Bob Marley songs!!
    5. I play guitar!
    6. I LOVE to blog, though I only really do reviews, but that's going to change!!
    7. I LOVE stripy socks!!

    The seven bloggers I'm nominating are (wait, can I nominate people that have already been nominated? because I don't think I know 15 bloggers!!)...

    1. Shakira!
    2. Ella!
    3. Laura!
    4. Shopaholic Ramblings!
    5. Orli!
    6. W-O-W!
    7. Neevie!
    8. Leah!
    9. Cassandra!
    10.  Rainbow Drops!

    >and the last five will be my fave authors! (in no particular order!)<

    11. Jo!
    12. Rosalie!
    13. Hayley!
    14. Fiona!
    15. Kate!

    Mega sorry if I didn't pick you!

    And remember, clicking the FOLLOW button won't hurt...

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