My thirty-second review is My Sister The Vampire; Star Style by Sienna Mercer.

>I can't find the actual cover of the book, so I could only give this. Though, the only differences is the green bat isn't on my copy,  their eyes are big and have colours in on my book, there isn't hat little swirl next to it's title, there aren't bats in those places, there is a candle in he place of the right keep-out and there's a purple coffin in the background.<

I admit, I did a really dumb thing here. Since WHSmiths hadn't had book six and seven in store, I decided to go straight int book eight- Star Style! So, I'm going to ignore how utterly confusing it was and base my review on the actual content of the book.

The front cover had changed, yet again, although it was done by the same illustrator. And, I don't know if you can see this, but the words engraved on the swan trophy says Perfect Couple Award, which has absolutely zilch to do with the book!

Anyway, on with the review.

Jackson and Olivia are now a couple, though Olivia really isn't coping. No one knows, but if their secret is told, their relationship could break with the thousands of haters against them.

Someone is out to tell their secret, and expose them to the world. Is she jealous? Does she want her fame back? Or is it something more personal?

Olivia and Ivy are the perfect twins for the new up and coming film, though a stake could probably act better than Ivy. But, since they're identical twins, could Olivia play the part of them both?

Olivia, of course, is still surrounded by the attention of her adoring fans. She had (apparently) been the star in the previous world-wide famous Hollywood blockbuster, though everyone still wants more. How much more pressure can she take?

I would rate it an 8/10 again, and would recommend it for over 10's. There's one thing I REALLY want after reading this... A twin vampire sister!!

Okay, I'm going to have to review the other two tomorrow, as it's quite late and my reviews won't be up for much.


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