Donkey On A Mission

I am on a mission. The grand mission of...


Have you ever heard of the saying, 'face your dragons'? It basically means to face your fears. My fear is spiders, which means I'm an arachnaphobiac. And so all I've got to do is face my fears of spiders. Easy, right?


That is what my Grand Mission is. I have a month to face it, and so by the 16th July I should no longer be afraid of spiders. Here's what I've got to do within this month-

1. Find the key focus of your arachnophobia. Basically, that means that you have to say what you hate about them and why.

2. Try to trace back to when the fear first started, and how. Think about what happened, and why you started to fear them so much.

3. Sit down and WATCH, just WATCH a spider without running away, screaming or freezing in fear. Just study what it does.

4. Create a life story for that spider. It should then seem much less freaky, and approachable.

5. Find a trapped indoor spider and let it outside. Maybe use a plastic cup or sheet of paper.

6. Finally, let a spider crawl over you. Don't react, tense up, scream, shake it off, anything. Just sit and watch it explore you.

I'm dreading Stage Seven!

You're probably thinking that it's such a stupid thing to be afraid of spiders, but I don't think it's as much them as me. I just think I'm scared of hurting them, I could never even THINK of harming one.

You may be afraid of mice, snakes, the dark, cows, macaroni cheese! Whatever it is, you can conquer it too. If you want, join in on my challenge! I'll be posting regular updates on this mission, so you'll know the ins and outs of whats occurring. 

There's one of these in the bathroom!! *Deep breaths*


  1. Don't worry, hate snakes! Can't look at them without freaking out and running out of the store. Or watch them on t.v ewww!I'm in no hurry to face that fear!
    By the way the 2nd Round of the BLOG BOOK AWARDS VOTING is now OPEN! You are now voting for your winner! And my Kate Maryon interview goes up today!

    1. I love snakes!! You shuld SO try to conquer your fear with me - no one else is lol! Yep, I've voted! And when are you putting up your bag post? And when are you sending off the guest post?

  2. OHhhh my gosh, I generally quite like spiders, but ones like THAT one with all legs and no body...MFFPPGGHAMFFFPGGHJEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    1. Haha, I like your reaction lol(:

    2. Sometimes, Amy my dear, there are no words. No words.

    3. Yes Master Emily. *nods sincerely*

    4. Oh. Mistress Emily, even..