jayze does his magic // with la youtuber person


Woooooooooo Deminess!

So, today, we went down to the park near my house and I took a load of photos whilst she vlogged, and yeah it was cool. ~tries to sound casual in the hope that y'all ignore the fact that I forgot to post yesterday~ Anywhale, I thought I'd share them with you, my beloved readers, because I'm not quite sure how to own a lifestyle blog yet, and hey why not burden you with my unknowledgement? (yas, dat be a werddd)* 
Also, sorry for the captions of mehh, Demi's vining at the same time. REALLY LOUDLY.

I live in the middle of nowhere in a little countryside bit near That Place No One's Heard Of, and there's green EVERYWHERE. This photo equals evidence - sympathy chocolate please (and hey, false alarm, I'm not lactose intolerant. It's all gooooddddd).

The atypical British weather ~patriotically wipes tear from eye~

Green green green.

Green green green.

Demi vlogging, incredibly casually as a load of cars go past.

Can you see the face in this bark? Yes? Nooo? I can see four, Demi can see three. I win.

For those of you who both want to know what my dog looks like and how untrustworthy my camera focus is, HERE YA GO. You're welcome.

You know when you try to take a photo of something but move and get something else completely in focus? If not, you can embrace the whert of this. Go on, embrace it.

The park and Demi, with my dog, Teddy, just having run off somewhere.

The size of this image is super irritating when compared to the rest, and ~sigh~, I'm on the IPad and therefore cannot change it. 
~cough~ if anyone has a Macbook they'd be ~cough~ happy to give away, well, ~cough~ hi there ~cough~.

The same happened here, WHY IPAD WHY. But hey, here's an illustration of my great pet ownership. Notice his lead? Yeah, we just sort of dropped it and let him roam.

Trying to capture a certain Tumblr-esque**, Demi as my hand model. I can't help but feel that it would have looked better focusing on the sky, or with the sun glinting behind.. hm.

Woo, sunshine. England is, for once, an alright place to be.

Green green green.

Green green green.

Green green green.

Green green green.

Ah, chocolate, how I love you so.

Green green green.

Green green green.

There were literally HUNDREDS of bees around this, I was super worried that I'd knock a flower and they'd all sting me and I'd die a slow, painful death. Thanks Final Destination for that ever-present horror image.

Outside the 'Club', where, once again, there's just green green green.

"Hey Demi, you want to be my model?" 
"Um... sure.."

So yeah, that's our detour to The Park Near My House in the Middle Of Nowhere in a little countryside bit near That Place No One's Heard Of, I knew you were just dying to find out what I got up to today.

We then went back to mine, and yes, of course we filmed a few videos for her channel. *flicks hair* I be feeling so famous y'all!

*Please help me, I keep doing this weird fake Southern accent type thing, y'all. Sigh, I don't think I can stop.
**I didn't use that right, did I?

Oh, and after checking my title again, I realised that some of you may not know who Jayze is. He's... my camera. Don't judge me.


  1. I really like it up there, could we go to the abandoned forest when I'm down next?

  2. Beautiful greenery! ❤️

  3. This post made me laugh .... especially the Tumblr-esque photo ;) You just need a quotation or some song lyrics .... and the hashtag #justgirlylittlethings