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So in case y'all haven't realised, I have NO IDEA as to what I'm doing with this blog.
When I first entered the blogosphere, I wrote hundreds of book reviews.
Then I wrote about my life, things that occured to me, my opinions on everything.
Then I wrote about fashion and Vogue and whatnot.
Then I did a helluva lot of reviews on tops and rings and bags and stuff.
And now?

I guess that The Blog Hermit has slowly turned into a lifestyle/ photography/ travel blog, and to be honest, that suits me just fine. But what I want to know is - is this change okay with you guys?

This new blog theme would consist of me posting a load of my photography with Jayze (the Nikon) and trying to write my own travel articles (remember I want to be a travel journalist?). I would also continue with my monthly guest post where you can feature on my blog, and post recipies and art pieces and music and culture and fashion and adventure.

Does that sound okay?

Also, for those of you who are on mobile devices, you might not see my new header (featured above), created by the amazing Eve of Eve of Womanhood and Designs By Eve (go over to her blog and let her know how awesome she is for doing this). For those of you who can see my blog's design process, what do you think? I'm slightly incredibly in love with it so far.

Comment and love guys, comment and love.


  1. I really enjoy reading travel/lifestyle blogs and looking at the amazing pictures... So this "chnage" suits me perfectly. Keep posting and I'll keep reading, k? Oh and the blog design looks great!!! <3


  2. You can make your blog about anything. Go for it! ;)

  3. I've always loved your blog, since way back when you were Awkward Donkey and we were both new to the blogosphere, and honestly I think that it's your voice and humour that make this blog more than the actual content, which I think is the same for most blogs. If you're blogging about what you love it will show through and make your posts the best they can be, so I say go for it! :D :D