review of the month; demiflux rings

Hey Bloglings, you know that I said I'll start to do a monthly review and see how they go down? Well here's one for a small shop called Demiflux, a cute little handmade shop on Etsy. She sent me two gorgeous little globe rings for review, and y'all should definitely check out her shop.

Demi, what's the best thing about owning an Etsy shop? 

I would have to say my favourite thing about it is the ability to fulfil custom orders. 

What's your opinion on what you do?
I love being able to work together with someone on their ideas and help bring them to life.

How much longer do you think you will be selling your homemade products for? 
Forever! It's what I love to do.

What do you think of your buyers? 
I am grateful for each and every one of my customers. Obviously they have good taste too. ;)

The ring is shown here with colour enhancers added, creating an almost galaxy-like effect, with colours bursting from every curve.

"Love this ring; have gotten so many compliments on it everytime I wear it. I tell everyone I know to shop on Etsy so we can continue to support small businesses, artists, and all the things that seem to be missing from all the "box stores" of today. Not everything has to be mass produced and I love wearing things that are unique! Would def recommend and buy from this seller again! Thanks for making wonderful affordable unique items :)"

I absolutely adore the small clear cocktail globe ring - it has a cute glitter shimmer to it, and the colours within it dance around from blue to yellow. The liquid has a thick movement to it, meaning that the glitter rises and falls at a slow speed, falling delicately to the base of the ring before stirring and flying back up again.

The globe's ring settings are adjustable, meaning that it'll fit any sized finger up to around 15mm. I love the fact that it's silver plated, as the majority of my jewelry is silver - I find it to be one of the most complimentary materials, even rating higher than gold.

Here's an image of the ring resting, with the specks of colours inside it slowly falling to the base. Where the sun catches the glitter it has a faint blue to yellow colour to it, almost like a two tone piece.

This ring has a tendency to change colours, depending on the angle or which it is being viewed from. It begins as a pale mint green (my favourite), then sliding into a bright yellow-orange palette, sparking out into a vibrant red, dark purple and cobalt blue, and then finally it fizzes out into an ever-continuing black. It's a marvel to watch!

The base of this ring, as well as the ring itself, is a bright bronze colour, which although is not my favourite material colour, goes perfectly with the overall theme of the ring - anything else (be it copper, gold or silver) wouldn't look as good, let alone illuminate the globe's features as well as the bronze does.

This image briefly shows some of what the globe can do, with most of the colours mentioned above glimmering brightly upon the bronze base.

One major problem that I found with both rings was that they're adjustable. As I've said many times in previous posts, I don't buy adjustable rings for myself because once they've been stretched by even as little as a millimetre, they don't tend to return to their original size. This means that both of these Demiflux rings are never going to fit me properly, due to the fact that I've tried wearing them on a different finger and they've expanded. This is really irritating as they're both really nice rings, minus, of course, the adjustment features.

The size of the globe is illustrated here, with the circumference being slightly smaller than the width of my middle finger. It mirrors the reflection in the plastic, as can be seen with my zebra print backing. You can also slightly see that the fitting of the ring is a few millimetres too wide, meaning that if my hand is open the ring will slip down, creating a major fault with the product.

As is also evident here, the adjustment feature of the ring has already expanded, meaning that it'll never be the perfect fit that it once was. 

"I love my mystery items & every other item I've purchased from Demi. I really think her products are unique & pretty. Also if you like a style but want something changed you can ask her & she may be able to help you out. Regarding the mystery items specifically, she asks you to tell her what you don't like. Who else does that? She's a very nice seller that cares about her items and her customers. You can't go wrong."

The rings were sent straight from the Demiflux studio, all the way over to my base by London, in perfect condition. It isn't often that a miracle like that happens, so it was awesome that the rings survived the century-long journey that they had to undertake. They came in a cute little white box (textured!) and tied with a multicoloured washi tape strip - gorgeously perfect!

Demi's shop is rated an astonishing five out of five stars, but is it really any wonder with products like these?

"I have two other shops here on Etsy. The first shop is 'BaronessX' and there I sell my handmade indie nail polish which is made with a non-toxic, 5-free and cruelty-free blend."

"The other shop is 'Elemental Haiku' which is mostly nature and beach themed jewelry with some semi-precious stone pieces and kumihimo bracelets. I take custom requests there too."

All opinions expressed in this post are my own and are merely that - opinions. All negative views are only statements of what I believe. My reviews are always 100% honest.


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