woo room tour

I don't normally give in to the mainstream formalities of life, mainly because of an old poet/ philosopher that I met a few years ago who was incredibly inspiring and spiritually uplifting. However, as everyone's seeming to do the 'room tour tag', I thought I'd take part in it too.

Basically though, these images were taken a few days ago, and I went shopping yesterday. It's now decorated with bamboo wind chimes and sun reflectors and rainbow dream catchers and hanging beam things that turn and make an awesome tingling-like sound (as is obvious, I have no idea as to how to describe it, but it's like when the triangle ((musical instrument)) clatters.. you know?). Oh, and I also bought an awesome 'Aloha' Hawaiian door sign thing... Let's just say I won't be going shopping again for a while.

Anywhale, these photos look pretty rundown compared to my new room... nevertheless, this was the previous state of my room;

These photos are super embarrassing to look back on... just look at that fringe! Ugh... Even so, I like having photographic memories stapled to my wall, despite the fact that I haven't updated it in a few years.

Beneath my photo college are my maps of Tenerife. I've been to the Canary Islands a few times, and I love going back there - Tenerife has a beauty about it that is intwined with my childhood reminiscence, even going back to a time before I was born, where my mother was a singer and owned restaurants and my father was a travelling builder.
Fun fact: that's where my parents met, and they're been together ever since

Above my quintuple windows I have a collection of a load of postcards I've saved from places I've been, each with a caption on the back. It's weird reading back on them, reliving the excitement I felt whenever I travelled.

I have rainbow bunting hung all the way around my room, except for across one wall when it stopped short. Funnily enough, I only have that bunting because of this here blog, by a company shipping it to me for review. Months later, it still looks awesome, and I show it off at every opportunity. Next to it, you can see my black lace lampshade - also sent for review. Sometimes I really love having a blog!

This image also shows my 'lucky' horse shoe, from when I was convinced that I would become a famous horse rider... Let's just say that I'd decided that after ditching my ideas of becoming an international superstar, and before taking to the idea of becoming President.

Aha, yet another thing sent to me! If we ignore the fact that my curtain is in the way, it says Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. I received it when I wanted to be the next Cara D, but even though I don't really want to model or anything anymore, it's still a pretty inspiring quote to stick to my window.

As illustrated here, I love messing up my walls! I have a lot of canvases (canvi?) in my room, including this Empire State building painting (by my father), NYC landscape painting (by moi, a good few years ago... oh look at how bad it is!), New York photographic print, and hot air balloon up, up and away photo canvas. As is obvious, I used to be totally obsessed with NY, but although I still admire the city I've moved on to Hawaii as my top place to visit next.

I also have my Wales calender (I'm only incredibly patriotic), Conde Nast inspiration advert (the Vogue certificate college which I used to yearn for), lumos nox Harry Potter vinyl lightswitch, to do list (now metres long), and mirror, decorated with old camera film, may the force be with you button badge, Welsh national anthem postcard, photos, Leonardo di Caprio quote, magazine snippets, crayon lego people, 'tatty teddy', bookmark, follow your dreams quote, Cymru keyring, and dry flower petals. I'd be a massive hoarder if my parents allowed it..

Oh, and surrounding my mirror full of crap I have a load of my dad's old records from 'back in the day'. These are mostly empty covers, as I've used the records inside to decorate the rest of my room.. only three have fallen down in the past year and cracked (sorry dad!).

My books, Pixar-styled lamp, magazines, TBBT poster, inspiration board, Tenerife postcard, National Geographic map of the stars, photo albums, elastic band ball, and old radio. I also have a load of money boxes, each filled with less than $5 due to the fact that I cannot save, like, at all. Seriously.

My fashion inspiration wall, as of which took me HOURS to complete. I was super proud of it when I finished it because I thought I could take some awesome fashion shots with it, before my dad came home with that wooden shelf cupboard thing in front of it, all the way from our house in Swansea. It was only slightly (incredibly) irritating. I also have a handful more of books, favourite DVDs, New York frame, lava lamp, broken clock (not 100% my fault), and makeup. I literally have so much stuff in my room that I don't need, it's unbelieveable.

HIMYM print (American sitcom about a guy called Ted explaining to his kids about how he met their mother.. there are SO many series' on it!), Farhampton print (where Ted met the mother), TBBT print (I'm a massive geek for The Big Bang Theory - did you know Jim Parsons, 'Sheldon' is gay?? When I found out I was so upset, because there totally could have been something between us!), TV, guitar, draw cupboardy things (what's the actual name?), candles (paraffin, oops), karaoke, Hobbit poster (I'm also a LOTR geek), wooden five-times-the-size dice, Wii, DVD player, speaker (tiny but awesome!), air freshener, BSG frame (thanks, blog), pot pourri, Tenerife fanning equiptment, snowglobes.

Wardrobe one of three, graffitied with old record covers, taped together (because I can be dull at times).

My overly messy desk, complete with candles (paraffin again), books (How To Travel The World, How To Be A Freelance Writer, USA Top Destinations, Plan Your Gap Year), pens, notepads, air freshener (I realised today that I should probably move it - it's aimed straight at the wall...), revision books, boxes filled with a stapler and tape and scissors and everything, etc etc.

My mini buddas, aw. 
I'm not buddhist, but I love collecting little buddhist figure things, because, really, just look at how happy they are! Religious statues can be so uplifting.

My mini Sheldon Cooper bobble head, £12, Forbidden Planet. 
A waste of money? 
...I have no friends.

Fifteen years' worth of perfume, body spray, face mask layers, moisteriser, and hair spray, all bunched together as one.

On the inside of wardrobe #1 I have a load of magazine snippets that help with keeping a blog - advice, stories, personal inspiration stories.. The snippets have it all. Also, note my make the perfect tea snippet. Essentials, every one of them.

I seriously don't know why I love this mini mountain thing - I just do. I think it has something to do with the fact that it changes colour at every angle, from yellow to green to blue to purple to pink, before flooding out to the peak of the mountain as pale pastel colours. It reminds me that one day I hope to be living the dream as a travel writer... and if I don't? Ugh, it doesn't bear to think about, I don't think I could have a 'normal' job in an office with a boss and fellow employees.

My guitar, 100% unplayed for a couple of months now. I stopped learning it when I was about to take my first music exam (which would have taken me up to preliminary grade) because of the price. It was literally like £50 an hour, and it just wasn't worth it. I tried self-teaching for a while, but if I'm not pushed then I tend to be lazy and not do anything. Reminds me that I should probably start GCSE revision...

I'm so weird, I drew a moon covered by clouds on my ceiling. But, as pointed out by a friend when they stayed, it's literally impossible to have clouds floating behind the moon... Oops.
Also, note my dream catcher in the corner, I buy like one a year. They're just so beautiful and embedded with cultural magic and tribe secrets and everything, I don't know how people can't have dreamcatchers.

I actually save so much money by collecting vouchers and money-off tickets, and advise for everyone to do the same - let's cheat the system and rule the economy!*

I love reed difusers so much. This current one was a chery bloom one from Sainsburys, complete with reed sticks, for only like £10. 
You can also see a couple of my bracelets in the corner, a battery (?), headphones (I was recording a song the other days with these on, without realising how loud I was being, until the song finished and my voice echoed around the room), and yet another record - I'm incapable of being house-tidy.

Jayze, my camera, featured with the backdrop of my messy room.

My first ever polaroid instant photo thing, of the shops near my house and my dog in the bottom right corner. My photography used to be just... Um.


I've recently realised that a lot of my posts have literally no meaning, point, or proper ending. Sorry! 
But anyway, that was my 'room tag' post - if any of you guys decide to try it out please let me know!

*Kidding about that last bit, despite my hate for the government, I don't plan to overthrow the authorities... (or do I..?)


  1. The room looks cool! :p I just my room was had more stuff in it

  2. Hey Amy,
    Thanks for visiting me. Oh my! your wall full of fun stuff, travel things, postcard, amazing places, and quotes, adn you have your fashion fall? that's awesome! You amust be fun person! I love the quote on your window. :)
    and your pink boots - the first time I read your fist words, and see your room - I was thinking that you are an artistic person but then you said about your dad. Finally I realized that you are one. I wondering where do you live?

    You must travel to Indonesia if you like to see nature. It's fun how you collect the budisht statues :)

    Thanks for sharing about your room, I really wanted to do mine too.
    Anyway, Mother's Day will be on Sunday.

    Blessing to you friend.

    1. thank you so much! aw, that's so nice to hear!

      i would love to travel to indonesia - maybe some day.

      you should, it'd be interesting to see!

      oh, and thank you!

  3. Oh, do you mean you have wind chimes in your room? Those are cool! :)

    1. YES THAT'S IT! thanks, i was struggling so hard to think of the word!

  4. You commented on my blog so I just thought I'd come by :P
    Wow your blog sure has changed since the last time I saw it! Pretty cool tho
    I kinda gave up on blogger... once I hit grd 12, I had way to much time on my hands. And I haven't written anything much since then XD
    You can follow my tumblr if you want to tho poisonousplacebo.tumblr.com ... It's mostly just rebloged stuff, but I do post my art on there (just created the account last week haha, so there's not too much)
    I still receive email updates from comments on my blogspot blog, so if you don't have a tumblr and wanna contact me, feel free to comment there :)
    (sorry I totes disappeared without saying anything. life got craaaazy)

    1. thanks, and yes completely disappeared!

      will do, do you think you'll start posting more any time soon?

  5. Hey Amy! This is *mostly* in response to your comment but before that here is a short list of stuff to say:
    1. I laughed for far longer than one would expect at 'anywhale'. Likewise canvi.
    2. Watching HIMYM right now. Barney and Robyn please sort yourselves out, defiiineeee the relationship! TED AS A PROFESSOR, THE CRINGES.
    3. Glad you're a LOTR fan, I just read it recently :D
    4. Good luck with GCSEs!

    OK, so, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT! I actually miss all you guys so much and I'M SORRY FOR JUST LEAVING LIKE I DID, and after a bit of mental wrestling ..... there is a post under construction. Who knows, I might be coming back ;)

      and aw it's okay, you may have left for centuries, but you came back with comments and that says more than leaving does ~totally didn't quote due date~

      but huzzah! you're baaaaaaaackkkkkk!!