do you want to build a trifle?

So yes, I finally got around to watching Frozen. Don't hate me, but it was... mehh. Almost as over-rated as The Fault In Our Stars, it didn't give me the HOLY CRAP* I'M  SO IMMERSED feeling that I was expecting. Sorry folks.

Anywhale, I made trifle. As some of you may know, I'm trying to adapt to a vegan diet, but keep messing up. Like with this first try at a vegan trifle, using real gelatine and only lactose-free cream, not fully fledged dairy free. Sigh.

As seen above, non-vegan cream, non-vegan yoghurt, non-vegan jelly and non-vegan dream topping, along with raspberries and biscuit finger things. I feel like such an inspiration to all vegans out there.

The focus on this is weird, but if any of you guys want to make non-vegan trifle I'll talk (write?) you through the steps. Like here, break off about 12 single square inch gelatine blocks, continuing to eat three or four.

Placing about 15 fingers into a dish bowl, eat the remaining five from the packaging so they don't clutter up your kitchen. Move onto the second pack if neccessary.

After melting the gelatine to the adored liquid state, pour it all over your gorgeous remaining biscuits (if you have any left).

Sprinkle the fruity delight known as raspberries over your current baking mess, take a selfie, and then photograph your work so far (in case you mess it up).

Mix custard powder, lactose-free milk and sugar together - as much as the custard packet thing says you need. Show your mother, listen as she says you've done it wrong, and glare at the custard pack for the rest of the night.

Boil it or something.

Meanwhile, your trifle should be happily sitting in the fridge, looking cute and as kawaii as trifle can look.

Coat your trifle with the custard, as your father suddenly shouts from the living room that he "doesn't like custard like that" and indeed, "what are you doing".**

Do some cool ninja stuff and whisk up some cream.

And FAH-NALLY you have your gorgeous trifle!***
"Is it vegan?" Sh, you don't need to know.

*I know I have Christian readers over at this blog. When people say "holy ____", is it deemed offensive? Sorry if it is.

**My parents are actually cool, just a tad unsupportive when it comes to me cooking after last time... ~shudders~

***Just noticed the leg in the photo background, casually.


  1. Heeeey Amy! I actually love Frozen, but it's not as good as the hype says. I mean, it's not as good as the classics.

    THANK YOU for your comment, I will email you right away! :D

  2. I haven't seen Frozen. And that looks delicious! :)

  3. I loveFrozen, and Olaf is my favorite character! Sorry you didn't like it that much. your trifle looks really, really, really good. I am going to have to try making one for myself. How did it taste? That might seem like a weird question, but I would love to know! Thanks for posting it.
    Messy Bits

    1. it was pretty good, thank you! and i didn't burn anything this time which was weird.