almost-vegan macaroons

Firstly, I just spent HOURS trying to write a decent post about Swansea, only for the images to be bums and not load correctly. Sigh.

Secondly, I made macaroons! I used lactose-free milk in preparation for my new vegan diet, without realising the blatantly obvious truth that even lactose-free milk isn't suitable for vegans. Hence why I've never lasted as a vegan for long before now.
I've heard a lot about pre-made macaroon packs where you just add milk and butter and eggs and stuff, but I've never seen the point in using them. However, a couple of days ago I figured I should try them out, and they worked pretty well. If we ignore the fact that they overlapped so much I had to cut them like brownies, pre-made macaroons were a pretty good investment.

((The recipe can be found on the Morrisons cake mix page under macaroons.))

This is what I mean by them overlapping. The mixture wasn't as thick as normal meringue-like macaroons, so I'm completely blaming their appearance on that..


After slicing and dividing the macaroons, I decided that I probably shouldn't be allowed to cook again, due to the lack of aesthetic macaroons.


Despite my fail on creating the actual mix, they actually tasted amazing, despite how incredibly un-vegan-like they were.

The macaroons were of a gorgeous raspberry flavour... so good.

Opinions on my talentless sort-of-baking skills on almost-vegan macaroons?

*Sorry for the weak blog post - I only got back from Wales last night and am absolutely shattered. 


  1. They look interesting! Lol I'm sure they were delicious. I absolutely love macaroons! Wish I could bake something like that! :)

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

    1. ahaha, you should definitely try sometime!

  2. Hehe! Love your interesting way of baking macaroons. They're definitely not the easiest things to bake from scratch... I speak from experience (Check out my blog post on baking macaroons!) Love your writing style, btw.

    Keep posting!


    1. just checked it out - yours look much better than mine!!

      thank you!

  3. They do look delicious. Oh if only i can reach through the screen and grab one! LOL! :P drool!