So I was going through my blog post drafts when I came across a poem that I wrote for Black History Month when I had just turned thirteen. It's not the best, by far, but I feel guilty that it has gone unpublished for so long. So, without further ado, here it is; 


One day when we are old
we may finally share the same shade of colour.
We may finally both be grey.
Yet it is my hair that will be grey,
not my withered-up heart.

One day you may finally realise
the pain and anger you bought.
The people loved by the One Half,
are equally hated by the Other Half.
By You.
You are the person with evil and spite,
yet I am the one looked down upon.
How is that not wrong?

One day you may finally have children too,
as loved and happy as mine were.
Before you spat on their feet
and threw stones at their heads.
All of us, just animals in a zoo to you.

One day we will die out,
none of us left to protect the world.
Imagine that. A world full of Whites.
Would that make you happy?
Would it?
Would it?!
Then happy you will be,
just as long as I don't have to live
to see the world burn, burn, burn.
Until there is nothing left but black ash.
Black trees.
Black houses.
Until there is nothing left of You.

But plenty left of Us.



  1. Amy I love you

    1. I don't believe in love, but thanks nevertheless!

  2. Oh wow, that was really good! I am not half that great at poetry... wish I was ;p


    1. I'm really not too sure about it but thanks!

  3. Not bad. I did get confused though but you did it-- you wrote a poem! :)

  4. woww. your writing is honestly, award-winning (:

  5. wowww. your writing is honestly, award-winning (:

  6. P.S. Gonna do your blog design after all. I'll contact you with details soon, just sit tight. :)

  7. (Hey, it's Ivana from Teenage Bookworms. This is my new blog. I've been busy setting it up - sorry for not replying to any of your comments back.)

    AMY! This poem is amazing! I feel lucky and honored just to be able to read it, wow.
    Honestly, you are so talented. Do you write in your spare time? :)

    Oh and yeah, as of your question - I would be more than honored to write your monthly guest post, if the spot isn't taken yet. Thanks! :D

    PS. I tagged you in the Liebster Awards. It's on my blog :3

    PPS. I missed talking to you. <3

    1. Ivana, it's honestly fine don't worry!
      Thank you so much! I'm really not too sure about it, but I thought I'd post it nevertheless. Sadly, I don't have much time for writing as I'm currently undertaking my GCSEs and have to study, but I do miss the easy flow of writing.
      And that would be great! If you could email it to me before the 28th of the month I'll have it posted.
      I realised, but unfortunately I haven't got much time for awards and never seem to fill the requirements and then feel guilty that someone else missed on it.
      And ugh me toooooo!

  8. Your writing is so very, very, beautiful and amazing. Lovely post Amy! :)
    Grace xxx ♥

  9. I just remembered! Since I'm in your blogosphere, would you mind changing the URL now that I've switched blogs? Thank you Amy <3

  10. Such a great poem, Amy! You have a true talent for writing. I love forward to your future work.

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons