Ford Sportka - Banned Commercials


In my media class the other day we were looking at a variation of banned advertisements from across the country, which to be honest was a pretty good way to end a Wednesday afternoon. We went through a few legendary ones like the Coke vs Pepsi advert and the one featuring that Chinese weight loss diet drink, before moving onto some that I'm pretty glad are banned.

The majority of these advertisements were funny, but then a few really stood out for me because they freaked me out a bit. And then we came across the Ford Sportka advert which really, reaaally creeped me out. Apparently, by the comments on YouTube, it's "wickedly funny", with many people "loving it", and batting down the protesters by stating that there's "nothing wrong with it" - yet I couldn't help but feel extremely disturbed by it.

I personally think that advertisements like this are wrong and shouldn't be broadcasted, but apparently I'm in a minority group as most people posted comments such as "I literally fell out of my chair laughing so hard!! Lighten up, people!!" and "its always the best adverts like this that get banned..".

Does anyone else agree with me and think that these adverts are a little creepy, if not traumatizing? Or am I extremely strange for not finding it 'hilarious'?*

*I blame it on the graphic quality..


  1. O.o I'm totally lost for words... That was sooo... so... so... sick! Ugh! I'm so glad this is banned. ><


  2. Wow! I don't think there's anything funny about that commercial and I completely agree that it's a bit creepy. Love you blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons

  3. EWWW! I can't believe somebody was actually SO SICK as to create an ad like that!!!