lucky stars

A massive thank you to Awfully Fond Of Words for giving me the inspiration for writing this here post.

I've never been particularly great at origami, but I found these stars to be incredibly easy to make. I tried to photograph each of the steps bit by bit, but I'm sorry if it's hard to understand due to the painfully bad quality of my phone camera.

Step one; cut a piece of paper or card half an inch wide and A4 length long. Try to get it as straight and clean as possible.

Step two; tie the paper into a flat knot like so.

Step three; lightly pull the paper strand through without ripping or tearing it, getting it as tight as possible.

Step four; after cutting the shortest strand and tucking it under, wrap the longest strand over itself again and again until there's none left.

Step five; after checking the camera quality and cringing, tuck any loose ends of paper under itself, so that it looks like a small paper hexagon.

Step six; I actually can't do this myself without my nails slicing through the paper so I had to get my father to use his nailless hands to push out the corners (how about we ignore my horribly chipped nails..).

Step seven; the star should then look something like this.

I then moved on to make about fifty more 'lucky stars' for a birthday present, using variously patterned card strips (the photo quality of this physically hurts to look at).


I moved the stars into a glass vase thing and tied it with red ribbon to try to make it look okay, but I'm not too sure it looked good enough to be a birthday present. I was meant to also buy one of those air flowers to place on the top of the stars but forgot.. oops.

Despite the fact that I'm obviously not going to pursue a career in paper origami, I found it reasonably easy to make these stars. And if we ignore the fact that the whole present wasn't completely finished until 3:00am, the stars were pretty easy to make.

~ Should I start doing craft posts like this more often? And have any of you tried or want to try to make origami lucky stars? ~


  1. I love making those stars! They're so simple and cute! Even though they always get smushed in my pencil case... haha... :)

    1. they really are & haha i have actually started making them at school too!

  2. Sweet! It's cute and simple, I've gotta make it soon!


  3. AW! The stars are so very pretty and cute! :) I have made then before, but they worn't as nice and pretty as yours, nice post loved it.
    Grace xxx ♥

  4. So cute! I definitely think you should start doing more posts about crafts!

    Xoxo. Alexis @ Lexi Swoons